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New Arrival – Kenyan Kiangoi


We’ve been waiting for a new powerhouse coffee to hit our shop for a month or so… and we should’ve known it would be the new season’s Kenyans that would wow us all over again. In the spirit of getting over excited about coffee – we’ve left no coffee lover out, and roasted for both slow brew and espresso methods so we can all get involved with the diversity of this coffee.

Over the past few years, the Kenyan government has begun loosening its grip on coffee exportation, and farmers are now able to make better returns through direct trade agreements. As a result, Kenyan cup quality is continuing to improve year on year. The Kiangoi Coffee Cooperative is a great example of this pioneering movement.

The district is renowned for the production of amazing coffees. Volcanic soils, high altitude and rainfall make for the optimum growing conditions. Similarly, washing and drying processes, typical of the region, are consistent and reliable. Once picked, the cherries are soaked, washed, pulped and placed in a series of fermentation tanks for up to 36 hours. This gives the coffee a distinctive high acidity and fruit flavour.

The coffee is then dried for 5-10 days, before being transferred to the mill, where it is rested and let to breathe fully. It is then sold to coffee brokers and roasters outside of Kenya’s auction system.

Designed to bring out a full tomato flavour, with a peach sweetness yet savoury finish, this is a light roast filter profile. Think baked beans and buttery mouth feel. This works well with slow brew methods, especially pour-over, which coaxes out intense sweet peach and rhubarb.

In the cup: Tomato, peaches & rhubarb

Secondly, as an espresso, this profile further develops the sugars in the coffee, and highlights a surprising malted saltiness reminiscent of twiglets and liquorice. In milk, this bizarre concoction becomes salt caramel, with a pleasant aniseed finish.

In the cup: Twiglets
W/Milk: Salty sweet liquorice

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