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Kenyan Gathaita AA


New Kenyan coffees are like Depeche Mode albums. You hear a new one is on its way, and you’re excited because its bound to be good. And like very few things in life – it actually lives up to expectation!

Kenya continues to produce some of the best coffees in the world. Reliable, whilst wildly exciting. It is time, therefore, to welcome another Kenyan coffee to our stock list. The Gathaita Coffee Growers Cooperative have produced an outstanding lot bursting with ripe red fruits, vibrant rhubarb, complex acidity, and a pink grapefruit finish.

This particular Co-op is run by the farmers themselves, who elect a board, and provide employment for a small team of staff to implement the board’s decisions. Together, these smallholders, each with only around 1 hectare of coffee each, are able to produce outstanding coffee on their own terms. It is common for these farmers to grow crops such as maize and bananas for sale at local markets. These crops also provide valuable shade for the coffee plants.

This lot is graded AA, meaning a larger screen size, and good visible consistency. Whilst not a guarantee of great coffee in itself, this consistency allows for uniform roasting, and therefore even development of flavour.

In the cup: Blackcurrant, rhubarb & raspberry

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