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Extract x Millican: 50th Ascent Coffee


What goes hand-in-hand with adventure? Coffee, naturally! (In our humble opinion.) So when our friends at Millican told us they wanted to create coffee for travellers, we jumped at the opportunity to get involved with the Millican Coffee Club. This guest post comes from the team at Millican about their experience working with us and the motivation to create the new 50th Ascent coffee.

Take it away Millican…

Our travel bag company, Millican, is named after Millican Dalton, a Lake District legend who in the early 1900s left his conventional city life behind to pioneer a sustainable outdoor lifestyle, spending most of his time living in a cave in Borrowdale Valley.

He earned his money as an outdoor guide, otherwise known as the self-proclaimed Professor of Adventure, and would lead groups on hiking, climbing, camping and rafting tours around the Keswick and Borrowdale area. His teachings centred around the belief that the simplest life is the happiest and encouraged people to celebrate moments.

Upon his 50th ascent of his favourite summit, Napes Needle, Millican Dalton carried a pile of sticks to the top. He set a small fire, brewed some coffee and gazed out – free in the moment. He made this his annual ritual.

Inspired by Millican and his unique outlook on life, it is our belief that not all habits are bad, we have the power to form good ones too – our own rituals.

Coffee brewing (and tea too) takes time and we should celebrate this pause in our day.

With this in mind, we got in contact with Extract Coffee to discuss how we could collaborate on our own Millican coffee. We wanted to use the coffee as part of a travel coffee kit we were curating – inspiring others to pause and take a moment along their journey.

We spent a day tasting from their extensive range of ethically sourced coffees until we found one with flavours that reflected our feelings for the Lake District – bold, strong and individual.

We named our coffee “50th Ascent” inspired by Millican Dalton’s personal relationship with coffee. Every other month we select a seasonal coffee sourced by Extract. We started with the Kenyan Roi, moved on to the Nyeri and have just launched our third bi-monthly flavour, the Veracruz (filter). We always look forward to the next Extract tasting package arriving in the office.

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