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Summer Lovin’


It’s official. It’s summertime.

We’ve passed the longest day of the year and now we’re ready for summer. So get out the shorts, organise the barbecues, and keep the umbrella close at hand… just in case.

But here at Extract even a rainy day can’t dampen our spirits because we’re STOKED about our new, fresh season of Single Origin coffees all ready to roast and perfect for summer!

Following a visit to the farms in Colombia, we have last month’s roastery favourite espresso, the Veracruz, the rich fruitiness, as well as its rounded acidity is all down to the unusual fermentation process and results in a plum jam, brown sugar and honey notes in the cup. Another Colombian classic comes in the form of our Joyeria Espresso, also from the Santa Barbara Estate, and is a combination lot of some of their highest scoring coffees. The Joyeria has incredible sweetness and body, and is the perfect choice for a sweet summer’s day.

From other corners of the globe we’re excited to launch this season’s Cyiya, from Rwanda. Cyiya is the name given to one of Karengera’s two washing stations. Situated in Rwanda’s Western Province, close to Lake Kivu, the station is served by around 700 smallholders, and 100 seasonal employees. Most of these farmers cultivate fewer than 800 trees, as well as subsistence crops of maize and beans. This coffee makes for a bright yet delicate brew. Lots of lemon acidity, black tea and tamarind combine to become a pleasant palette cleanser with plenty of vibrancy.

And finally for those warm summer nights when only a decaf will do, we’ve released the Santa Isabel Espresso. From the Coban region of central Guatemala, this exceptional decaf gives red apple, almond and maple syrup in the cup. Refreshing and uplifting!

Fresh coffees for the fresh season.

Order now for the summer lovin’!

Summer Seasonals

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