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Paint it black for Veganuary


Fabulous filters

Veganuary…? Is that a thing? We’ve googled it, it’s a thing. Inspiring and supporting people to go vegan for the month of January. More info at

So are you thinking of ditching the white stuff and going dairy free in your coffee pursuits? We totally think you should. Forget bitter, super strong run-your-motorbike-off-it rocket fuel. We have some sweeeet coffees which are perfect enjoyed black.

A filter coffee is ideally placed to enjoy without milk. More delicate than an espresso roast, it’s lighter, less bitter (some would argue more interesting) and a neat place to start on your black coffee journey.

Embrace the darkness

Nicaraguan Cerro De Jesus
A sweet Nicaraguan filter and great intro to drinking coffee black. A yellow honey processed coffee. The flavours are delicate and floral with rounded sweetness and great acidity. Try it now.

Rwandan Cyiya
Looking for something light but not so sweet? This coffee makes for a bright yet delicate brew. Lots of lemon acidity, black tea and tamarind combine to become a pleasant palette cleanser with plenty of vibrancy. Try the Cyiya.

Roaster’s choice filter
Looking to change it up? Subscribe to our Roaster’s Choice filter to get a new coffee every month. A great way to try new coffees and expand your coffee horizons. Sweet and easy, subscribe me now.

Golden rules for an awesome cup...

1) Get the ratios right 60 – 80g Coffee / 1000ml (1L) Water

2) Use hot water, but not boiling. 94 degrees is perfect, or a boiled kettle left for one minute will work fine too.

3) Keep it whole bean. As soon as you grind your coffee you start to lose the good stuff, and the coffee will stale. If you can keep it whole bean right up until you brew your coffee, you’ll definitely notice the difference.

4) Weigh your coffee. It may sound like hassle, but this extra time and some decent scales are a worthwhile investment. Measuring both coffee and water will ensure you get the same great taste every time you brew.

The Big Tip
Don’t get bogged down with strict recipes. This is just a starting point. If you find your coffee too thin, weak, or lacking in some way try upping your dose, fine your grind or extend the brew time. Likewise, if it tastes too strong, or bitter in any way you might want to decrease your dose, coarsen your grind, or decrease brew time. Play around. This is where the fun really starts!

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