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Roaster’s choice. Delicious coffees to try in Feb



Brace yourselves, our roasters have chosen some banging coffees for this month's roasters choice.

In support of Rainforest Alliance’s #FollowTheFrog campaign this month, we’ve found this fruity filter from Costa Rica with tasting notes of apple, cranberry & biscuits.

Our choice espresso is a decadent and sweet Ethiopian coffee which evokes flavours of praline and sugared almonds when drank with milk.

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The Aquiares estate is Costa Rica’s largest coffee farm and home to some impressive credentials. It is the oldest and largest coffee farm in the country to have been continuously producing coffee since 1890, the first to gain Rainforest Alliance accreditation and adhere to the Climate Module, and is a crucial part of the revolutionary “Carbon-Flux Project”. All this, while producing some truly exceptional coffees.

The Robelo family is looking forward to a world in which coffee can become part of a sustainable and environmentally conscious future. They have developed new plant varietals, resistant to disease and the threat of climate change which still maintain good yields, and most importantly, complex flavours.

Most farm workers live in the town of Aquiares, with seasonal workers travelling from as far afield as neighbouring Nicaragua for the good wages, housing, health and child care. This workforce is highly skilled and return year on year for being justly rewarded.

This particular lot uses the washed process and mechanical drying in Guardiolas, before resting in silos for up to a month before milling. Each stage of the process happens on the same estate; allowing for unrivalled control and consistency.


This Ethiopian is light, bright, herbal and floral. The aroma is deep and complex with notes of rosemary and bergamot. Then, zesty lime, dried hops and sparkling acidity make for a refreshing and incredibly clean brew.

Ethiopian coffees are unique, in that the diversity in varietals creates distinctive region-specific flavour profiles. These crops are then combined and processed as one lot and sold on through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX). Ninety per cent of Ethiopian coffees are traded through the ECX which ensures standardised quality and reassurance for both buyer and seller. Whilst the ECX continues to benefit these smallholders by taking their coffee to market, and in doing so absorbing costs and risks involved, transparency of the product is generally poor. This coffee is marketed as both a grade and growing region, but little to no information is passed on about the individual smallholders involved. Frustrating as this is, is does not detract from the immense quality of coffee grown in this region.

This Ethiopian coffee is bright, sweet, herbal and floral. The aroma is deep and complex with notes of heady botanicals and citrus. The tart sweetness of damson jam dances on the palette and there is a harmony with milk that brings to mind sugared almond and praline.

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