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5 Golden Rules for a better brew at home


There are few things more satisfying than the ritual of making the perfect cup of coffee from grinding the beans through to pouring the finished cup. If you're looking to achieve brewing perfection, then we’re all for that. Our Golden Rules are a great place to start and the beginning of some brewing know-how straight out of the Extract Coffee Roastery.

Keep it whole bean

As soon as you grind your coffee you start to lose the good stuff, and the coffee will start going stale. If you can keep it whole bean right up until you brew your coffee, you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Weigh your coffee

It may sound like hassle, but this extra time and some decent scales are a worthwhile investment. Measuring both coffee and water will ensure you get the same great taste every time you brew.

Water matters

Use hot filtered water, but not boiling water. 94 degrees is perfect, or a boiled kettle left for one minute will work fine too.

The golden ratio

For filter brewing there is a basic ratio that we find helps you to find that sweet spot. Here it is:

60 – 80g Coffee / 1000ml (1L) Water

One last tip

Don’t get bogged down with strict recipes. This is just a starting point. If you find your coffee too thin, weak, or lacking in some way try upping your dose, fine your grind or extend the brew time. Likewise, if it tastes too strong, or bitter in any way you might want to decrease your dose, coarsen your grind, or decrease brew time. Play around. This is where the fun really starts!

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