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With summer on the horizon, we've turned our thoughts to coffee for the warmer months with our summer coffee three ways. Iced drinks are nothing new on the coffee scene, and with the right ingredients can taste great. Ingredient number one every time is obviously some damn fine coffee, but there's some other ones to add into the mix to shake up coffee this summer.

Coffee Tonic

Iced Latte

Mocha Frappe


Coffee Tonics are set to be hot this year. They have been gradually increasing in popularity and for a coffee drinker who doesn’t want to go down the sweet route on a hot day, this is the perfect drink. Just combine good-quality tonic and ice in a glass leaving enough room to slowly pour over a double espresso. Garnish with a slice of lemon or add a hint of citrus which really compliments the flavours. Refreshing and light, this is our drink of the summer. Try it, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Iced Lattes are an oldie but a goodie. Double espresso, milk, ice and syrup to sweeten all shaken together is a simple and fast way to sate a cold coffee craving. Don’t forget to add that touch of sweetness though, they fall a bit flat without it. Iced Lattes are so easy to make, we’d have to be crazy to leave them out of our summer coffee three ways, and so would you.


The invention of Frappes is due to the ingenuity of a sales rep who couldn’t locate any hot water to make his coffee with at a trade fair in 1957. They’re now a touch more sophisticated than the modest mix of coffee, cold water, sugar and ice cubes but still as simple to make with the right tools. A double espresso, Zuma Non-Dairy Vanilla Frappe, Extract Hot Chocolate, milk and ice given combined and given quick blitz in a blender is an indulgent way to get your coffee hit over the summer months. We’re still amazed by the creamy flavour and thick texture when the milk is switched out for an alternative milk for a 100% vegan Mocha Frappe.

If you’re on the look out for more summer drinks inspiration, take a look at our Summer Menu.

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