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5 ridiculously awesome African coffees


African coffees are hailed as some of the best in the world. Lots of us report an "I didn't know it could taste like that" coffee epiphany when drinking African coffees.

In case you missed it, last month, an Ethiopian Gesha coffee sold for a record high. The retail price for this cvoffee would be over £100 for a 250g bag. (Say Whaaaat!?)

African coffee is characteristically fruity, floral and complex. Heady botanicals, strong citrus notes, floral sweetness. Some of the most incredible tasting, industry leading coffees, often farmed against a backdrop of political turmoil, civil war and extreme poverty.

You get the idea. They. Push. Our. Buttons. Now, these five cost considerably less than $85/pound but are rocking our palates and are well worth a try.


1. Gakenke, Burundi

Burundi is in the midst of political turmoil but this Gakenke shows the supreme coffee produced by the region’s smallholders and coffee farmers.

Shade grown microlots of just 300 trees. Burundi Gakenke is what East African coffees are all about. Rounded red fruit, sparkling acidity, tea-like tannins. We’re thinking juicy red grapes, a twist of lemon and black tea.


Burundi Gakenke

2. Rukera AB, Kenya


The Kenyan Coffee Research Institute is renowned for its historic achievements in developing some of the world’s most sought after coffee varietals. We’re so excited to be roasting beans from The Rukera Farm, owned and operated by this historic Institute. Proceeds from this particular lot fund ongoing research to benefit coffee growers across Kenya.

We love the fruitiness this cup offers. A summery tang of rhubarb and blackcurrant but also a softness of peach and the maltiness of assam tea.


3. Gugi Gigesa, Ethiopia

If you’re into Natural, Ethiopian coffees and are looking for something really special. This will get you going.

G1 denotes the highest grade given by the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, praising the consistency and quality of this lot. Gugi Gigesa G1 is everything that is so characterful in Natural Ethiopian coffees from this region. As you take a sip, the hit of hibiscus sweetness is balanced perfectly by a refreshing lemon acidity. It’s bright, it’s floral, it’s deliciously sweet.



4. Kilimbi 903, Rwanda

The speciality coffee industry in Rwanda is thriving, comprising more than a quarter of the national harvest. Once blighted by poverty, segregation and genocide, Rwanda is now one of the most highly regarded emerging coffee markets.

Kilimbi 903 Filter is a delicious example of the quality of coffee coming out of Rwanda today. We dig the citrus and nutty sweetness of this coffee. Blood orange, cashew nuts and crisp red apple.



Since investing in processing facilities, Muhura has started producing more vibrant, consistent coffees than ever before. If you love the juicy sweetness that comes with naturally processed coffees, this Muhura Natural is right up your street.

For this coffee, handpicked, sorted coffee cherries have been put straight out to dry on raised beds. The result is a very, very sweet coffee. Think juicy baked plums and heady botanicals… mulling spices. This coffee has great body, acidity and a complexity that is truly special.


Muhura Natural Rwanda

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