Your Basket Close

Bye kids! Have a nice day!

Remember all those cold, half drunk cups of coffee over the summer? The ones that were started but never finished. Well, exhausted parent friends. Term has started, the kids are back and hot cups of coffee can be a part of daily life once more (until the weekend or October half term anyway).

We've taken a look around some of our top coffee spots for a bit of inspiration for how you could celebrate the the start of term.

1. Book onto a cookery course

Daylesford Organic Farm in Gloucestershire. An oasis of calm.

This years cookery courses look amazing (the butchery course has caught our eye). Afterwards, order a pizza and enjoy in peace.

2. Go for a dip

Drop the kids off at school, then dive in for a refreshingly adult swim at the Lido, Bristol.

Finish off with some tasty coffee and whatever else takes your fancy.

3. Finally get round to reading that book.

That book that you meant to read over the summer holidays but didn’t? Now’s your opportunity.

Stop off at a Foyles bookshop (nationwide) for a well deserved coffee and pick up a page turner.

4. Climb the wall

Reach the top of the climbing wall at Rockstar Climbing in Swindon.

Bask in the freedom of being on top of the world.

5. Drink. Hot. Coffee

No distractions. No interruptions.

Treat yourself to coffee out. Make yourself a coffee in.

Sit down and savour your coffee in peace.

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