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Winter Warmers


The weather starting to turn a bit chilly...FINALLY! So we've faced up to the facts, winter IS coming people. Luckily for you, we knew this was going to happen and have prepared some new Winter Drinks for our wholesale customers. So sit back, grab a mug of hot chocolate and read on!

work safe mulled cider

turmeric chai latte

extract hot chocolate


Winter = mull everything! But we appreciate that isn’t really practical and you can’t drink mulled booze all day every day no matter how good it tastes. You can drink these work safe Mulled Ciders though. Just combine the very festive Sweetbird Winter Spice Syrup with warm apple juice for a pretty good replacement that children can enjoy as well. To make it even easier…you can prepare a batch in a soup kettle. Don’t forget to garnish with some slices of lemon and spices to make it look the part.


You can’t think about winter drinks without having a hot chocolate, am I right? And as the nights draw in and it’s getting super cold out there, you have to go big. Why have a hot chocolate when you can have a Raspberry Dark Hot Chocolate? We love our Extract Dark Hot Chocolate as it’s vegan, so you can just swap out the dairy for an alternative milk and voila, vegan hot chocolate! Pair it with some of Sweetbird’s new Raspberry Puree and it’s levelled up. Finish with lashings of whipped cream, a dusting of chocolate and drizzle over more raspberry puree for a proper treat. May as well go big or go home.


This is our hot tip for winter. The newest addition to Zuma is this mild blend of turmeric with flavours of ginger, vanilla and orange and it’s organic! It’s a regular cup of sunshine with its bold yellow colour and surprisingly versatile. We’ve tested it in hot chocolate, as a latte, in a frappe and with coffee…they all taste great. For something extra special we tried it in a Turmeric and Coconut Hot Chocolate, verdict, awesome of course.

So we’ve got you thinking about it now. Better take a look at the Winter Drinks we’ve put together for 2017/18 and get your menus ready!

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