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Tea talk: An update from Canton.


Our friends over at Canton have some exciting news to share about changes to their tea range - including new branding, packaging and a consolidated range. We are loving their new look and can't wait to see the new range being served across the UK. We caught up with Canton about the changes - check out the FAQs below.

Why is Canton changing?

Attitudes to tea are changing. Consumers are now more discerning, adventurous and demanding about taste and provenance. That is what Canton was founded on ten years ago and as a premium speciality tea company we wanted to demonstrate our values more powerfully.

What are you changing?

– New brand look and feel, new website

– Smaller tea range

– Bigger pack sizes

– New packaging

– Better tea storage and display

– More tea provenance info

– New training programme called: Teach

Canton New Square

Canton tin and tea card LR

Why is Canton just for trade now?

We will no longer sell direct to consumers for a several reasons. We can focus on doing what we are good at – talking only to our trade partners. We will have a smaller range ensuring they are the best teas available in the UK . We will pack them in one wholesale size. We don’t have to do retail or gift packaging (quite expensive and wasteful). We can concentrate on more support to our trade partners with training and tasting events.

Why have you changed the look of Canton?

We have premium teas and we want our brand to reflect their quality. We needed to have a consistent look and feel across every part of the company, the website, the packaging and all our communication. This new branding brings a cleaner, simpler, more striking contemporary look.

Why have you made the range smaller?

We used to have over 100 teas. It was hard to control stock levels and was overwhelming for our customers. The teas we have selected for the new range will remain our constant, core collection. We can hold up every one of these teas as the best available in the UK. We know the provenance of every leaf. They are all completely natural. They are always in stock.

Why are pack sizes larger?

Some pack sizes have changed and are now larger. This means less waste with one bigger bag and it keeps the packing and packaging costs down, therefore the pricing down.

Loose and pyramid tea packaging LR

Individually wrapped pyramids display LR

How will the changes affect us?

– New, better pieces for tea display and storage

– Focused range

– Bigger pack sizes

– More training opportunities

– More information, marketing support around the tea range

– A few of your teas may be discontinued – get in touch to discuss alternative options.

Why don’t you mention organic on the packaging?

Some of our teas are still certified organic, particularly in the herbal range. However, most of the teas in our range are often beyond organic, but not certified. We buy traditional, high grade teas direct from small producers all over the world and they do not need or want a western organic certification label to sell their tea.

We took the decision not to state the organic status on any of our teas as it undermines the desirability of our other teas that are traditionally slow grown without the use of chemicals, hand picked and skilfully crafted.

Canton tins LR

Individually wrapped pyramid display LR

What about our original display jars?

We are sending out our striking new labels for the glass display jars. As soon as they arrive, please peel off the old labels (it’s easy to do) and replace them with new Canton labels. Hopefully your customers will notice them, love them and buy more tea.

What will replace the display jars?

In April we will be launching our new Canton tin cubes which will give you an alternative to glass jars for pyramid and loose leaf tea display and storage.

I preferred the old look – can I still use it?

We want the new brand to go live across the country as soon as possible. We have invested in this rebrand because we believe it will help uplift your sales. No more original brand material will be produced.

Canton Wild Rooibos liquor LR

Do you have any new teas?

We reviewed all our tea and made several improvements to ensure we can confidently stand behind every tea we sell and say it is the best. Each exclusive Canton blend is made with extremely high grade ingredients. Unlike most blends on the market, all ours have only pure natural flavours such as fruit oils and the flavours derived from the leaves, petals, roots, seeds and berries.

Do these changes mean our tea is more expensive?

No. Although we have reviewed all our teas to ensure each one is the best available in the UK, we have also done everything we can to keep the prices competitive. New pack sizes have helped here. We monitor competitors teas and pricing and firmly believe you won’t find better tea at a better price. You can always find cheaper tea – but Canton stands for premium quality, taste and provenance.

Will there be retail options available?

Yes. When our new tins arrive later this year we will be launching a new range of retail tins.

How do we get tea training?

Contact to organise a training session at Canton’s central London Tea Studio, here at the roastery or, for larger teams on site.

Canton Wild Rooibos loose tea LR

The new range

Canton New Range

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