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Who made my clothes?


Fashion Revolution

So it's Fashion Revolution week which we thought was the perfect opportunity to sing the praises of Rapanui, our t-shirt printers. Last year we made the switch to get all t-shirt printing done by them because we were so impressed by their commitment to sustainability. They're not trying to work towards sustainability, their business is built on it.

I mean, if you can quote "A most valuable and interesting project" from Sir David Attenborough then they have to be the bomb right?


Organic cotton is made from GMO-free plants that are grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals like fertilizers or pesticides. Organic cotton is better for the environment, the climate and the people involved. And buying from companies with organic cotton certification, like Rapanui, means that the wider supply chain has been audited with all inputs (like inks, dyes and printing) and business ethics having met a strict standard or criteria.


Freepost your old garments to them, including Extract t-shirts and they’ll give you store credit! is a free scheme to encourage you to send back your old, used Rapanui products for reuse, recycling or remanufacturing.
Incentivised material recovery is part of Rapanui’s commitment to move towards a circular economy. You can send back old products even if they are part-destroyed.



By choosing organic materials, using a supplier with a wind-powered factory, investing in low waste ink technology and building their own solar farm, Rapanui’s Co2 per product is significantly lower than the average high street t-shirt.


They also take their duties towards responsible employment seriously. Whilst the issues are complex and they have by no means solved all of them, they’ve gotten a fair way along the journey to doing things right. One thing we love is the QR codes inside each t-shirt which you can scan to see the traceability map of your garment.

Won’t be long until we have some hot new t-shirts in the building from our talented friends, but in the meantime we have these trusty staples in the roastery.


So what you waiting for?

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