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How does Christmas morning go down in your house? Is it excited whispers of "has he been?!" and frantic unwrapping? A hit of citrus as you un-peel an orange from the toe of your stocking? A morning run, (a swim?!) Or, a long winters lie in followed by an indulgent breakfast?

We all do it differently, but it always feels special.

We wanted to bring you an exceptional coffee to enjoy on Christmas morning - whatever you're doing.

We've selected a delicious natural-process from the pioneering Ipanema estate in Brazil. We've roasted it for filter to really bring out it's fruity apricot flavours and honey-sweetness. Enjoy it black and brewed using a pour-over method such as V60, to really make it sing.

Rio Verde - Apricot is part of the estate’s ‘Premier Cru range’. Small, single-varietal lots, individually processed and nitrogen packed for exceptional quality retention. This particular coffee is lot C27 from the estate’s oldest farm, Fazenda Rio Verde. The farm is a natural sanctuary with 773 hectares covered in natural forest.

Coffee is grown on the Mantiqueira mountains, known locally as “The crying mountain that reaches the sky” on account of it’s high altitude and rainfall - perfect for speciality coffee! Ipanema estate has been revolutionising lot separation on the higher altitude parts of it's farms since 2014, it was of the first farms to build a mill for wet processing (natural/dry processing is more common), is a founder of the Brazil Speciality Coffee Association and was the first to be certified by UTZ and Rain Forest Alliance certification programs.

This coffee has an unusually bright and clean profile for a Brazilian coffee, vibrant fruit flavour and a sparkling acidity that makes it a refined and exciting filter coffee.

Ipnamea Rio Verde Christmas 2019 - 6

Ipnamea Rio Verde Christmas 2019 - 5

Ipnamea Rio Verde Christmas 2019 - 2

Ipnamea Rio Verde Christmas 2019 - 1

Launching 9th December. Don't miss it

Last years Christmas coffee sold out in a matter of hours, and we're expecting the same thing to happen again so be sure to be quick. We'll be launching the coffee on Monday 9th December so keep your eyes peeled on our social channels and your inboxes so that you don't miss out.

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