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    1. Five things we've learned about LGBTQ+ allyship

      Five things we've learned about LGBTQ+ allyship

      Our summer espresso, Funka, has been on the scene for 10 years and has always been a showcase of funky, diverse natural coffees.This year, we wanted diversity to go beyond the beans. To celebrate…
    2. ​Extract Loves Coffee-Grounds Recycling

      ​Extract Loves Coffee-Grounds Recycling

      Recycling and coffee sustainability has long been a big part of life in our roastery Refurbishing old roasters; using pallets and scrap metal to build our training area; sending coffee ch…
    3. Jasal Mill, El Salvador

      Jasal Mill, El Salvador

      Central American coffee has always fascinated Extract Coffee Roasters co-founder David Faulkner. We love to roast incredible El Salvadoran coffees as part of our limited edition coffee range…
    4. ​Black Friday Deals and Extract Coffee Roasters

      ​Black Friday Deals and Extract Coffee Roasters

      Our coffee is ethically sourced, roasted by hand and crafted with passion and care. Care for the environment, for the farmers, for baristas and for you, our customers. We care about our customers…
    5. Finca La Casiana

      Finca La Casiana

      As with many exemplary coffee farms, Finca La Casiana is set amongst breathtaking views, this time in Colombia. It’s a farm that’s been making coffee since 1987, and we think the beans that we source…