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Meet the Grower – Brazil & Colombia

Head Roaster, David Faulkners Journey to Brazil & Colombia…… A few months back we lost our head roaster to the pull of South America. Witnessing first hand coffee farming, picking, processing, grading and of course cupping at source, Dave was able to visit farms we knew, and some we didn’t, to expand Extract’s knowledge of... Read more

Unkle Funka 2013

UNKLE FUNKA – 60% El Salvador Buena Vista, 40% Honduras Finca el Chollo Re-introducing our signature summer espresso… Last year saw the Indonesian Wahana coffee take to the stage. This year we’re upping our game, still in keeping with a natural fruity funk from the new Buena Vista, this time blending with a washed coffee... Read more

Dr Strangelove

‘How I learned to stop worrying and love the brew….’ With Dr. Strangelove, its never been about ‘horsing around’, this espresso always packs a punch. This week sees a new blend take the doctor in a different direction: the daring fruitiness remains, courtesy of the uniquely processed Colombian Veracruz, alongside a new sweet – chocolate... Read more

El Salvador Cup of Excellence 2013

El Salvador Cup of Excellence 2013 ……… If I thought I was overwhelmed at the cupping table so far… the Cup of Excellence Coffees were about slap me right around the palate and leave my cupping-confidence confounded. Its been a couple of weeks since Falcon Speciality and Extract hosted an event that saw local roasters... Read more

Konga 1 & Wahana Filter

For Konga and Wahana, filter is the new espresso. The Konga & Wahana espresso coffees were back on the cupping table. This was a great opportunity to see how roast profiles can transform a coffee and so we had some roastery fun and developed a filter roast for these dynamic beans. KONGA I The Konga... Read more

Peru Inambari – New Arrival

Award winning Coffee wins me my first cupping – notes contribution… Stepping up to the cupping table as the new girl, I have spent a lot of time trying not to drool, choke or drop the spit cup. With all this possibility of embarrassment, moments of clarity have been sparse. For a while it was... Read more

London Coffee Festival 2013

We’re at the London Coffee Festival this weekend with 3 of our favourite coffees – Unkle Funka, Dr. Strangelove and Strong Man. Saturday from 4 ’til 7, Bar One in the Soho Zone. All funds raised from donations are in aid of Project Waterfall. PLUS The Superfantastic DJs. Read more

Dr. Strangelove

Dr Strangelove Espresso is still winning space in portafilters up and down the country and is a firm favourite of everyone in the roastery. We were all happy chaps to see the Dr win a slot in the ShortList mag ‘Future of Coffee’ article by Howard Calvert with some of our best coffee friends listed... Read more

Wahana Estate Espresso

Following last years success, we have purchased a good amount of this Wahana Estate Natural which is slightly cleaner than last years crop and a firm favourite in the roastery hopper this week…. Wahana estate was established in 2006 and covers an area 480 hectares. It is located in Desa Lae Mungkur, Kel. Sidiangkat, Kab.... Read more

Finca San Francisco

Eduardo Rodriguez Escoto (Nueva Segovia) Farm: Finca San Francisco Varietal(s): Bourbon, Caturra, Pacas Processing: Fully washed and sun-dried on patios Altitude: 1320-1350 metres above sea level Owner: Eduardo Rodriguez Escoto City: Horno, nr. Dipilto Region: Nueva Segovia Country: Nicaragua In the cup: With eyes closed think of cherry compote and chocolate ganache! Additional information: Eduardo... Read more

Konga 1 Espresso

We really rate this Yirgacheffe, Kebel Woreda Konga G1, Natural, Heirloom coffee… In fact it’s so good we have been putting through the roastery machines for a week or two whilst Sam Dunford decides if it will feature as his UKBC 2013 comp espresso… At 1800 – 2000 metres in the Wote Konga sub-region of... Read more

Rwanda Cyiya Espresso

Rwanda Cyiya Single Origin Espresso is an absolute joining of community forces, managed by Ruzindana Jonathan, an agronomist by trade, who at 62 years old is one of the most experience coffee managers in Rwanda. He employs around 100 staff over harvest season – which usually runs from March until June. This is another good... Read more

The 2012 Twelve Stouts Of Christmas – Mocha

Mocha, features our very own Hope Project Peaberry roasted and delivered by hand to the Bristol Beer Factory by our very lucky Head Roaster David who several hours later had himself an early night! Following the unprecedented success of the 12 Stouts of Christmas last year the team at Bristol Beer Factory decided to set... Read more

Strong Man Espresso 2012

ROLL UP, ROLL UP – calling each and every rock star, box car, regent, trucker, walrus and wisp…Abrakadabra with some help from THE PROF we release the STRONG MAN, a mighty fine, single origin, supernatural, manly espresso that acts as a grooming agent to coat your mo, punching through milk for that all round sock... Read more

The Hope Project Peaberry Espresso

The Hope Project Peaberry Espresso was created following a 10 set blind cupping of some really awesome coffees by Richard, our ‘roaster in waiting’ who joined the Extract Roastery team earlier in the year. Richard worked hard with David and THE PROF from day one… Whilst developing a great coffee palate he picked this Hope... Read more

Unkle Funka – Summer Espresso (B Side)

UNCLE FUNKA FEATURING: THE WAHANA ESTATE NATURAL & EL SALVADOR, FINCA EL RETIRO 100% RED BOURBON ………………… SOLD OUT… Just like the summer…… This ain’t no B side in quality, it’s just a bean change…El Salvador replaces the Colombia and the Indo stays…. Unkle funka brings you flat out funk in the cup. Built from... Read more

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