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A collection of things we love, things we do and people who inspire us.

The 2012 Twelve Stouts Of Christmas – Mocha

Mocha, features our very own Hope Project Peaberry roasted and delivered by hand to the Bristol Beer Factory by our very lucky Head Roaster David who several hours later had himself an early night! Following the unprecedented success of the 12 Stouts of Christmas last year the team at Bristol Beer Factory decided to set... Read more

Strong Man Espresso 2012

ROLL UP, ROLL UP – calling each and every rock star, box car, regent, trucker, walrus and wisp…Abrakadabra with some help from THE PROF we release the STRONG MAN, a mighty fine, single origin, supernatural, manly espresso that acts as a grooming agent to coat your mo, punching through milk for that all round sock... Read more

The Hope Project Peaberry Espresso

The Hope Project Peaberry Espresso was created following a 10 set blind cupping of some really awesome coffees by Richard, our ‘roaster in waiting’ who joined the Extract Roastery team earlier in the year. Richard worked hard with David and THE PROF from day one… Whilst developing a great coffee palate he picked this Hope... Read more

Unkle Funka – Summer Espresso (B Side)

UNCLE FUNKA FEATURING: THE WAHANA ESTATE NATURAL & EL SALVADOR, FINCA EL RETIRO 100% RED BOURBON ………………… SOLD OUT… Just like the summer…… This ain’t no B side in quality, it’s just a bean change…El Salvador replaces the Colombia and the Indo stays…. Unkle funka brings you flat out funk in the cup. Built from... Read more

Cafetalera Zamorana Honey Processed

EXCLUSIVE to the Extract Coffee Roastery, this honey processed Cafetalera Zamorana Estate Coffee is picked when perfectly ripe, then pulped and dried on patios with the mucilage still attached. This ‘honey process’ tends to produce a sweeter, fruitier cup. Cafetalera Zamorana, Jorge Zamora, San Isidro, Alajuela, Costa Rica Zamorana Estate, 1350 metres Caturra and Catuaí,... Read more

Fudge-E-Bear – Flat White Espresso

60% COSTA RICAN, CAFETALERA ZAMORANA ESTATE, San Isidro, Alajuela, Costa Rica, Washed AND, 40% ETHIOPIAN, HARARGHE DISTRICT LONGBERRY, Natural. FUDGE-E-BEAR ………brings you a good fudgee flat white espresso that really does work well with milk. It’s the last of our ‘summer in mind’ espresso blends, not least because its been raining fairly consistently for 8... Read more

San Remo – Zoe

ZOE, THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK… Following a 3 day visit to SAN REMO HQ in Treviso, Italy by Marc Richards, an ECR Director, our resident machine expert introduces the new ZOE by way of a few simple facts: Name: ZOE Designer: Carlo De Sordi Made by: Sanremo S.R.L. Location: Treviso, Italy Groups: 2,... Read more

Lord Dunford UKBC 2012 Espresso

LORD DUNFORD UKBC 2012 ESPRESSO …Tamp in hand, Sam Dunford, AKA LORD DUNFORD our lead barista trainer wanted to rock up and give it his best shot at the 2012 UK Barista Champs held at this years London Coffee Festival. That he did reaching the semi finals with this 2 bean blend created with David... Read more

Unkle Funka – Summer Espresso

UNCLE FUNKA FEATURING: THE WAHANA ESTATE NATURAL & THE SMALL FARMERS OF ALTO DEL OBISPO Unkle funka brings you flat out funk in the cup. Built from 2 different origins, from Indonesia, the Wahana Estate natural and from Colombia, small farmers of Alto Del Obispo, Caturra and Typica. With THE PROF we so enjoy the... Read more

SafeHouse Coffee & Tea Fundraiser

Our good coffee friends in London went all out and put on a fantastic night at Gwilyms’ Prufrock Cafe, raising c£3000 to help rebuild the cafe/roastery and raise “the hearts of SafeHouse Coffee & Tea in Griffin, Georgia USA” following a roastery fire. John Gordon, the evenings super compere arranged a mighty fine night of... Read more

Coffee Lab – New Arrivals

As promised we’ve been cupping our way through a lot of coffee and finally found you three we really like. Our new arrivals from Bolivia, Brazil and El Salvador are all fantastic examples of the value we place early on in the crop to cup coffee journey. We’re extending you the hand of the quality... Read more

Enter The Prof

Enter The Prof… Nothing against Betty, but we wanted to add another roaster to the Extract family and so decided to build our latest drum roaster from scratch with the sole purpose of small batch sample testing. Named The Prof because of the experimental support it gives to the roastery team in the sampling, selection... Read more

Movember Hall of Fame

We did it! For 30 days and 30 nights during MOVEMBER the Roastery Team supported by our fan-tache-stic coffee friends raised over £500 and growing. A big hand to all those who woke up with the STRONG MAN during Movember, raising awareness for the Movember Foundation and the mighty fine work they do. It’s been... Read more

we release the strong man

We’ve released the Strong Man! Called Strong Man for a reason it’s built on a base of Ethiopian Harar and punches through milk for that all round sock in the Jaw! With a name like this you can expect a full bodied, true flat white espresso that sticks and is sure to lift to your... Read more

David Wins SCAE UK 2011 Cup Tasting Championship

On Thursday, February 3rd, the SCAE UK 2011 Cup Tasting Championship was won by David Faulkner, Co -Founder and Head Roaster at Extract Coffee Roasters. David then went on to represent the UK in Maastricht, where the World Cup Tasters Championship awards the professional coffee cupper who demonstrates speed, skill, and accuracy in distinguishing the... Read more

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