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A collection of things we love, things we do and people who inspire us.

Iced Coffees 3 ways

3 incredibly easy iced coffee recipes to satiate a caffeine craving on the hottest of days. Grab your sunnies and get a brew on. 😎 Read more

Aeropress – Brew Guide

In this brew guide we're going to talk you through the inverted method which gives a longer drink - more similar to a cafetiere or filter brew, than a short dark shot of espresso. It's quick, easy and delicious. Read more

Extract loves… Do Books

Inspiring words to get things done. We're teaming up with our friends at Do Books to offer 20% off all ebooks. Here are a few of our favourites Read more

VIDEO: Adapting to Thrive

MD of Extract Coffee Roasters, Duncan Kendall, shares his thoughts on why the hospitality industry needs to be thinking beyond just survival and instead take actions now which will mean that the incredible food & drinks businesses of the UK coffee scene survive in the future... Read more

The smallest of gestures

Last week I wrote about our sense of purpose and the values that we hold dear at Extract Coffee Roasters being more important now than ever before. Read more

Slow coffee… a more mindful brew

The whirr of the grinder. The smell of the brew. It's not just the caffeine, the very process of making yourself a coffee awakens the senses. Give yourself a more mindful brew with this simple mindfulness exercise. Read more

This spring we’re bringing you a new hero

80% of Extract’s coffee is roasted by women, but female coffee farmers remain a rarity. For our Betty spresso, we were adamant from day 1 that the entire supply chain should be run by women, from crop to cup. Read more

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