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A collection of things we love, things we do and people who inspire us.

London Coffee Festival

A short film made by our friends at Superfantastic who joined us on La Marzocco’s Artisan Cafe at this years London Coffee Festival as the Superfantastic DJ’s… Thank you to Matt Verity for filming and editing and to We The Dead for their awesome track. Read more

Kenyan Gathaita AA

New Kenyan coffees are like Depeche Mode albums. You hear a new one is on its way, and you’re excited because its bound to be good. And like very few things in life – it actually lives up to expectation! Kenya continues to produce some of the best coffees in the world. Reliable, whilst wildly... Read more

Dr Strangelove Espresso – Colombian Inza Cauca

This month sees the latest incarnation of the Dr Strangelove espresso; the Colombian Inza Cauca coffee is this season’s star of the show, bringing flavours of indulgent cherry fruit compote and smooth almond butter. The coffee – Once an area blighted by violence and guerrilla warfare, the Cauca region had few dealings within the specialty... Read more

Unkle Funka Espresso – Full On Funk Finds Fresh New Flavour

This year, we have entrusted our Summer Espresso slot to one of our all-time favourite farms – the Wahana Estate in Northern Sumatra. Having revolutionised coffee processing in the region, the estate continues to produce increasingly better coffees, and is one we revisit year after year. This espresso is delicately roasted to highlight the tropical... Read more

Coffee, Donuts & Beer Tasting Event

This concept began life as a spark in the hungry mind of head roaster, David. Having come across the newly established The Big O Donut Co, the idea of a coffee, beer, meat & donut collaboration was only a synapse away. From the purely selfish concept of creating a day that revolves around things we... Read more

Barista Social Club. Take One.

Ever wondered what would happen if you took a load of Baristas, fresh from a long caffeinated shift, gave them some more coffee (and maybe a beer or two) and let them loose in a room full of espresso machines? Add music, bbq & bratwurst and you pretty much have an Extract Coffee Barista Social.... Read more

Wahana Estate – Its Time To Get Tropical!

We, like the rest of the British public, might be getting a little ahead of ourselves with the whole sunshine, shorts and sunnies thing. But what would summertime be without a little ill placed frivolity and optimism? Well we’ve jumped on the bandwagon, so let us help you seasonal visionaries caffeinate this transition with what... Read more

Casiana Estate – Fall Back In Love With Filter

One of our favourite new arrivals so far this year, the Casiana is the perfect way to fall back in love with filter. After a long cold winter of huddling around the espresso machine, desperately craving hot milky drinks to see us through the season, its about time we embraced the arrival of Spring with... Read more

Extract Coffee & Hart’s Bakery Exclusive Tasting Event

Hart’s Bakery, Temple Meads Sunday February 1st, 10am – 2pm (Arrive anytime between 10am and 1pm, expect to be with us for around an hour) £10, includes entry, coffee tasting & a selection of sweet & savoury baked goods. Come meet the Roasters & Founders, Bakers & Baristas behind Extract Coffee and Hart’s Bakery. We... Read more

Strong Man Espresso 2014 – Aguacartes

Calling each and every rock star, box car, and handlebar, every regent, trucker, walrus and wisp…… STRONG MAN ESPRESSO is back to fight the good fight and inject some serious caffeine into the Movember Foundation’s campaign for men’s health. Last year we, and all our coffee quaffers, helped raise over £600 with the help of... Read more

Movember 2014 – Sign Up Now

A community of baristas and roasters, the makers and creators of mighty fine coffee. Mo Bro & Mo Sista baristas, take action for the 30 days of Movember to change the face of men’s health. But Movember is more than just an excuse to grow a fine piece of moustachery; it’s about having conversations with... Read more

Wht 'Cup' Coffee…

Cupping is the universal process used for tasting and testing coffee. This same process will be used on the farms, wet mills, processing and grading centres, exporters, importers, roasters and sometimes even cafes. The idea is that the coffee is brewed without a filter (which you will find in some shape or form for every... Read more

Original Espresso – New Blend For Autumn 2014

The nights are closing in, and jumpers are well and truly back on in the roastery, so it’s time for a seasonal change for our much loved Original Blend. Last year, on our trip to Brazil we sourced an exclusive lot of the Yellow Bourbon Pantano coffee, this is staying with us as the base... Read more

Unkle Funka Espresso

Our favourite Unkle is home! Fresh from a long vacation across the pond in Central America, sourcing new coffees, training the Costa Rican football team into World Cup stars (too soon to make jokes??), and pulling some sweet shapes as he goes. His showcase espresso this year goes to the seasonal, summery & superb Sonora... Read more

Home Barista Workshops

Home Barista Workshops – New for 2014 Saturday 14th June from 10am until around 2pm £50pp (Includes light Brunch & coffee to take home) Further dates – Saturday June 14th, July 12th, August 16th, September 13th We invite all coffee enthusiasts & home baristas to join us for the first of a series of Brewing... Read more

New Arrival – Kenyan Kiangoi

We’ve been waiting for a new powerhouse coffee to hit our shop for a month or so… and we should’ve known it would be the new season’s Kenyans that would wow us all over again. In the spirit of getting over excited about coffee – we’ve left no coffee lover out, and roasted for both... Read more

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