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But you’re a coffee company! Why have you created a range of tea?

We searched far and wide for a range of whole-leaf teas with the same passion, ethical values and artisan craftsmanship which we bring to coffee. After searching for many months, we decided to make our own.

We know that a solid hot drinks offer is key to the success of our customers’ businesses.

Coffee plays a huge part in that. But so do other products.

Like hot chocolate and tea.

We know what incredible sourcing and service feels like. We know that an amazing story is just as important as an amazing tasting product. We know that nobody can deliver that better than we can.

What teas do we offer?

Black Teas: Breakfast, Decaf, Earl Grey, Darjeeling
Green Teas: Jade Tips Green Tea, Jasmine
Herbal Teas: Mint, Citrus Rooibos, Chamomile, Ginger & Lemongrass, Berry

Is the new Extract Tea more expensive?

Nope. The cost per tea bag and per kilo is the same as our previous range.

The pack sizes are bigger however, which means that now you’ll be ordering in larger quantities less frequently instead of little and often.

What are our new pack sizes?

200 teabags
Breakfast, Decaf, Earl Grey, Green, Mint, Berry

Previously all our pyramid teas were delivered in packs of 50 teabags. As part of a commitment to reduce excess packaging, our pyramid bags now come in larger quantities.

100 teabags
Darjeeling, Jasmine, Citrus Rooibos, Chamomile, Ginger & Lemongrass

1kg loose leaf
Breakfast, Decaf, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Berry

500g loose leaf
Green, Jasmine, Mint, Citrus Rooibos, Ginger & Lemongrass

250g loose leaf

This change means that we’ve been able to reduce the packaging of our tea pouches by more than 70%! It also means fewer food miles making little-and-often deliveries of smaller packs of products.

What formats are the teas available in?

All of our teas are available as loose leaf or pyramid string and tag

– Biodegradable string & tag pyramid teabags
– Loose leaf
– Individually wrapped (available from March 2020)

How do I order?

Just like ordering your coffee, you can email your order to: or phone the roastery on 0117 955 4976.

What about the tea bags?

Our fuso string and tag pyramid teabags are made here in the UK and carefully packed to leave space for the leaves to slowly unfurl, resulting in a delicious flavour every time.

These tea bags are biodegradable, made from corn starch and sealed using ultrasound rather than a plastic based adhesive, so when your tea is brewed, you can dispose of them in your food waste or compost bin.

How should I display Extract Tea?

We have plastic jars with lids made from bamboo, one of the most sustainable commercially grown trees on the planet. These jars are airtight to keep your tea fresher for longer and have great shelf appeal.

Extract’s little book of Tea tells the story of our teas and is printed on recycled paper using veg based inks.

Why are the jars plastic? Isn’t glass more sustainable?

We thought long and hard about changing from glass to plastic display jars. Given that this is not a single use product, but one which will be used time and time again, and the lower carbon footprint of producing and transporting we opted for plastic.

You can take a look at some of our reasoning here:

Glass jars
Are heavier and feel higher quality.

But… if you dropped a glass jar it is likely that it would shatter. There’s also a risk of breakages between the manufacturer and Extract. So there’s a higher risk of wastage.

But… because they are heavier the fuel and energy (carbon footprint) in transporting these is much higher.

Glass is incredibly energy intensive to produce.

Glass is infinitely and 100% recyclable. So if your jar shattered and was put in recycling, it would be recycled.

However, if broken glass was disposed of in a plastic bag and ended up in landfill. It could take 1 million years to decompose!

Plastic jars
The plastic jars look very similar to the previous glass ones, but they aren’t as heavy and don’t have the same feel.

But plastic jars are more durable. Plastic is less slippery and less likely to be dropped. If it is dropped it’s less likely to shatter than a glass jar. Plastic jars are also less likely to be damaged in transit from the manufacturers to us.

Plastic is energy intensive to produce, though not as intensive as glass.

Plastic is much lighter than glass. Its carbon footprint is significantly lower because less fuel (fossil fuels) are required to transport plastic jars than the same number of glass jars.

Plastic can also be recyclable. Though often it is “down cycled” as the quality of the plastic degrades each time it is recycled.


Where does Extract Tea come from?

We’ve spent more than a year working with some of the finest teasmiths and importers in the UK to source our teas and infusions. Artisans just like us with the same unwavering commitment to flavour, sustainability credentials and a story.

Four of our favourite stories:

Our Darjeeling is an exclusive lot, sourced from the Arya Tea Garden, one of the last family run farms in India.

The Rutsiro Tea Factory in Rwanda is wholly organic, providing stable income and community resources from more than 2000 farmers and their dependents. This tea can be found in our Breakfast and Earl Grey teas.

Our Organic Jasmine is from one of the oldest organic and fairtrade tea projects in China, the Kao Shui Tea Garden

The ginger of our organic Ginger & Lemongrass is shade grown under jackfruit trees in India with peppers growing up their trunks – biodiversity at its best!

What about Organic or Fairtrade?

We specialise in sourcing exceptional quality teas grown by small farms and single estate tea gardens, using sustainable farming methods and championing biodiversity.

Our new range includes more organic and fairtrade certified ingredients than ever before. More than half the range already contains organic ingredients:

Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Jasmine, Citrus Rooibos, Ginger & Lemongrass, Chamomile

We will be working to make the remaining lines organic too.

What sustainability memberships and certificates do you have?

Extract Coffee Roasters is a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association and approved by the Soil Association.

Our talented teasmiths are certified organic through Organic Food Federation, USDA Organic, Soil Association, Organic Trade Board, Demeter Biodynamic, Fairtrade, and Fairwild.

How do I dispose of the teabags?

Our tea bags are biodegradable, sealed with plants not plastic, so when your brew is done, you can throw it in your food waste or compost bin.

How have you reduced packaging?

Making our pack sizes bigger has reduced packaging by more than 70%. That’s a saving of 110 kilos of packaging waste which would have otherwise gone to landfill.

Creating our own range has meant we’ve also been able to streamline processes in our supply chain, making bigger orders and having teas delivered in reusable crates as opposed to cardboard. As such, we’ve reduced packaging in our supply chain by over 80%! To put this into context, a year’s worth of cardboard for Extract Tea can now fit on to just one pallet.

How have you reduced food miles?

Taking control of our supply chain means we’ve been able to drastically reduce the foodmiles involved in making and transporting the teas.

Teabags are now made and packed here in the West Country, less than an hour from the roastery and are delivered directly to us. A simpler supply chain, with fewer food miles means a smaller carbon footprint in the transportation of the teas from crop to cup.

How does Extract Tea support communities in the UK?

Every pouch of Extract Tea supports Grounds Up, our charity collective of grassroots community projects here in the UK. These are charity partners who we support with our time, knowledge, resource and by fundraising.

In London, this is Hotel School – a joint venture between The Goring Hotel and The Passage charity which provides hospitality training to ex rough sleepers and adults at risk of homelessness.

In Bristol and the South West, this is Empire Fighting Chance, a local boxing gym which raises aspiration and helps young people from deprived communities make better life choices.


What are the key dates I need to be aware of?

3rd February Extract Tea is available to order alongside a limited stock of our previous tea range.
17th February all tea sent out will be Extract Tea or Clipper

What do I do with my existing stock of tea and jars?

Our recommendation is to use up your old stock over the next week or so. Contact your account manager to discuss an easy and streamlined changeover to Extract Tea.

You will be sent a set of Extract Tea display jars free of charge which you can use to replace the old jars. Your new jars are recyclable, made of plastic with bamboo lids.

Will I have to change my menu?

To make this change as smooth as possible we’ve kept the core range the same with just a couple of improvements. If you mention teas by flavour only, your existing menu will be correct.

Jasmine Pearls will be replaced by an organic jasmine loose leaf. If your menu mentioned Jasmine Pearls, this will need to be updated.

Rooibos has been given an upgrade and is now a Citrus Rooibos, blended with delicious citrus oils to give it a dazzling bright flavour.

Any mentions of other tea brands will need to be replaced with Extract Tea.

Many of the teas are now organic and we can provide more in depth sourcing stories. We can work with you to communicate these in your next menu update.

What will happen to left over stock? Will it go to waste?

Nothing will be wasted. We have a number of charity partners across the UK who we will share the tea between for use at the support events they run for people using their services.

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