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Extract Coffee Roasters Limited Edition Festive Filter - 250g Whole Beans - Personalised Coffee Label - Pink Bourbon, Anaerobic Black Honey

In the Cup

Christmas fruits and spices!

El Diviso, San Adolfo, Huila, Colombia
Natural Anaerobic - Black Honey
Good stuff:
Innovative new processing methods
Whole beans only
Ship date:
We’ll be roasting and posting this coffee week commencing 11 December to make sure it reaches you in peak condition for Christmas Day.
Drinking Guide:
Try a pourover method like the Chemex to make those delicate tasting notes really shine. Try 35g medium ground coffee for 500ml water.
Extra extra special:
New for this year. Personalise your coffee label!


Our Limited Edition Festive filter is back!

This Christmas we’re roasting something extra special for you, an exceptional anaerobic black-honey filter coffee from El Diviso in Colombia lovingly packaged in a personalised coffee bag.

PERSONALISED COFFEE: To make this coffee even more unique, we're offering personalised labels - just add your personalisation in on this page when selecting the quantity and adding to basket.

The message reads "Happy Christmas" with space for you to add the name of your choice below (up to 10 characters). If you don't add a personalisation, your coffee label will just read "Happy Christmas".

IMPORTANT DELIVERY INFORMATION: To keep this incredible coffee as fresh and delicious as possible for you on Christmas Day we are only selling it as whole beans, and will be roasting and posting orders which include this coffee week commencing 11 December - This means that other items in your order will not be shipped until this date.

About Extract's Festive Filter Coffee

This juicy Pink Bourbon is a masterpiece.

A black honey process which has undergone a 96 hour anaerobic fermentation. The resulting coffee has heady Christmas-spiced flavours. What a way to start Christmas morning.

The Pink Bourbon coffee varietal is known for its interesting flavours but is exceptionally difficult to grow. Cherries must be hand-picked at the exact moment of ripening, when they reach their unique pink colour. This is a meticulous job and skilled pickers are highly sought after.

The harvested cherries are sorted by density in flotation tanks before undergoing anaerobic pre-fermentation. The cherries are sealed in deep plastic fermentation tanks for 96 hours.

CO2 released during fermentation pushes any oxygen out of the tanks through a specially designed valve in the lid which keeps the entire process anaerobic (without oxygen).

Anaerobic coffees have become increasingly popular thanks to their unusual flavour profiles. The resulting coffees are sweet and smooth with delicate fruit and floral notes. If you haven’t tried one before you’re in for a real treat with this one.

Next, the fermented coffee is depulped to remove the skins and taken to raised beds where it is dried in cool temperatures and a shady, low-UV environment.

As a black honey processed coffee, most of the mucilage (the sticky fruit of the cherry) is left intact to dry around the bean.

As the mucilage dries, sugars in the fruit of the cherry stick to the parchment and ferment around the coffee bean, imparting an intense sweetness.

Shade-drying coffee in cooler temperatures adds further complexity to the coffee, resulting in delicious Christmas-spiced flavours in the cup.

Once dry, the coffee is stabilised for 20 days in plastic bags, then dry-milled to remove any remaining mucilage and parchment from around the coffee beans.

Finally, the coffee is prepared for export and sent to us for roasting. Here in the roastery, Head-Roaster Tommy has roasted this coffee to a medium-light profile on Betty, our cast-iron probat drum roaster. Betty brings a consistency and finesse to every roast. Perfect for some a high-end coffee like this one.

Why we love El Diviso

Farmer, Wilder Lasso comes from a long lineage of coffee growers and is now championing new processing techniques - like this Anaerobic Black Honey.

In 2017 Wilder came to help his father at his farm, El Diviso, in the Colombian mountains of San Adolfo some 1800 metres above sea level.

With a background in genetics, and a relentless energy for learning, he began a varietal programme. The programme now includes more than 12 carefully selected coffee varieties, including the Pink Bourbon varietal which is used in this coffee.

Pink Bourbon is a much-sought after coffee varietal and one of our favourites to roast. Pink Bourbon coffee is known for its pink-coloured cherries, and complex flavours.

Pink Bourbon is a hybrid between the Red and Yellow Bourbon coffee varietals and is especially difficult to grow. Coffee cherries need to be selectively picked by hand when they reach perfect ripeness, a unique pink colour - which can be hard to distinguish from underripe cherries from other varietals.

Like all Bourbon coffees, Pink Bourbons tend to have reduced yields but are recognised for their exceptional flavour profiles and are popular with pioneering speciality growers like Wilder Lasso.

We love the passion Wilder Lasso shows for innovation in speciality coffee; from premium varietals to innovative processing techniques to make a coffee really sing. This spectacular Christmas coffee is a shining example of just how incredible coffee can taste.

Extract Coffee Roasters Pink Bourbon Anaerobic Black Honey Festive Filter El Diviso Colombia

How to brew El Diviso Festive Filter

For a clean and bright coffee like this, we recommend using a pour-over method like the Chemex where those delicate tasting notes can really shine. Try 35g medium ground coffee for 500ml water in a Chemex

Small print

If you're lucky enough to have a discount code or coupon to use on our website, sadly you won't be able to redeem it against this particular coffee. Head to the shop to find another coffee for your delicious discount, here.

Festive Filter - Personalised Bag

So this coffee is at it's best for Christmas, it is available as whole beans only and will be freshly roasted & posted week commencing 11 December - Any other items in your order will also not be shipped until this date.

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How to brew Festive Filter - Personalised Bag

Try a pourover method like the Chemex to make those delicate tasting notes really shine. Try 35g medium ground coffee for 500ml water.

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