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Sustainable sourcing

Our Pledge
“Making life better in
coffee growing communities”

Transforming communities in Northern Peru

High in the mountains of Peru, in some of the most rural growing conditions in the world, is a group of 50 farmers growing incredible coffee. We selected these 50 farmers from a wider organic cooperative of over a thousand smallholders, this is one of our most sustainable partnerships.

The cooperative operates a ‘quality pays’ ethos. Farmers are given the support and resources they need to produce better coffee and earn more for it.

Working in the cooperative has transformed this community. Successful farmers are mentoring others, helping the entire community benefit from growing better coffee and earning better returns.

What's Next?

We’ve now set up a seed-fund to provide investment into community initiatives in Jaen. We’re heading out to Peru later this year to get a better understanding of what the families here need and how Extract can support them.

  • Direct Impact
  • Direct relationships
    with the farmer
  • Positive impact
    on the community


A years hard work and collaboration on coffee innovation and experimental lots with the Dorronsoro family in Colombia paid off when their coffee made it to the UKBC finals in 2018. At a time when market prices are scarily low for farmers, supporting experimental lots like these, create opportunities for diversification and security for both farmers, and workers.


Workers on the Liquidambar farm in Honduras are given housing and medical care. Liquidambar is one of the coffees in this year’s Organic Certified Espresso. In 2018, Delmy, one of the co-owners of Liquidambar visited us at Bankside to share stories from her farm.


30,000 new trees planted by Nueva Granada estate, Guatemala, the farmers behind our Cast Iron espresso.

Sustainable roasting

Our Pledge
“Making the coffee production
better for the environment”

Turning waste coffee into bio-fuels.

Spent coffee grounds are great source of energy and fuel, but, if sent to landfill, produce methane, a gas 28 times more potent than CO2. Last year, when our roastery allotment could compost no more, we started looking for a new, more scalable solution.

Meet the bio-bee. GENeco’s bio-fuel powered vehicle which swings by the roastery twice a week to collect our waste coffee grounds and chaff. The environmental benefits after just three months of recycling is the equivalent of taking a car off the road for six months and Extract’s coffee waste has produced enough renewable energy to poach 26,000 eggs!

Coffee waste collected by GENeco in the bio-bee.

Coffee chaff (a by-product from the roasting process) used by a local community farm in a vegetable composting project.

Coffee grounds are mixed with other food waste and anaerobically digested, (decomposition without oxygen for 18-24 days at 37-41 degreesC) to create bio-gas.

The gas is upgraded to the same composition as natural gas (98% methane) and checked for quality.

Now, the bio-methane is injected back into the national grid and is used to power the bio-bee collecting more food waste.

The solid by-product left over is turned into bio-fertiliser and used by local farmers.

What's Next?

2018 has seen a big review and some changes to single-use in our business. In March we launched our branded KeepCups to support a step away from single use. From Autumn 2018 our disposable cups were replaced with a 100% recyclable alternative. We are currently in the R&D stage of a project which will see us make the move to recyclable packaging. Watch this space.


Reduce: The roastery is fitted with LED strip lighting and runs off 90% renewable electricity.


Reuse: Bertha, Our 120kg vintage Probat. Rebuilt over four years from a pile of parts we found rusting in Bosnia to the heartbeat of the roastery today. Per kilo of coffee roasted, she now requires just 40% of what would have been her original energy input when new.


Recycle: Our London training base, at Sustainable Bankside has been built almost entirely from recycled materials. An old pub floor is the espresso bar, the counter tops are leftover from a housing project.

Sustainable community

Our Pledge
“Play an active role in
improving our communities”

Barista training with the homeless in London

Shelter estimates one in 59 people in London, are homeless. Our London team, who face this reality every day, have been taking action to support London’s homeless. In 2017 we began volunteering with Hotel School, a hospitality training programme run by The Passage and The Goring Hotel for homeless and vulnerable adults.

As part a 10 week programme, Extract runs 3 days of intensive barista training. Our students learn about coffee service and connecting with customers, how to work on a commercial espresso machine and the method behind making that perfect cup.

Since opening our London space at Sustainable Bankside we’ve been able to step up our support even more offering work experience placements for graduates from the Hotel School programme and are connecting them with future work placements. Working with The Passage is a humbling and enriching experience. Connecting people over something we love.

What's Next?

We have grand ambitions for 2018 as the Hotel School programme scales up. We plan to increase our number of students from 36 to 180, offer more work experience at our London training centre in Sustainable Bankside and provide more hands on support to employers so we see even more students go on to full time employment.


Over 17 community projects supported in 2018 and over £2500 raised for the communities we work with.


Earlier this year we had a visit from a group of secondary school video as part of Engine on Tour. The initiative saw young people creating 360 degree films about the variety of exciting careers available in the West of England. These films were shown to more than 1000 primary school pupils in the area. Here’s the video our pupils made when they came to the roastery.


UK Coffee Week. Working with local cocktail bars and hosting roastery events to raise money for Project Waterfall - funding clean water projects in coffee growing communities.

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