BWT Magnesium Mineralizer

Water filtering & mineralising jug


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The BWT Magnesium Minerlizer is a great tool to help you have great tasting water at home. One of the keys to great tasting coffee, is excellent water.

The BWT Magnesium Mineralizer water filter works in two stages so you can have the best possible water at home. The first stage removes the aroma and taste-inhibiting substances, i.e. chlorine. In the second, heavy metals such as lead and copper are removed and the hardness agent, calcium, is replaced by precious magnesium, which has the added effect of protecting domestic appliances against limescale. With this process, the filtered water contains a much higher mineral magnesium content compared to other filtration techniques and provides a unique taste experience.

The core of the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer table water filter is its filter cartridge with patented BWT magnesium technology. The magnesium-enriched drinking water enhances the full aroma of your coffee and is also delicious when drunk on its own. The magnesium gives it a particularly natural, balanced and fresh flavour.

Each 2.7l  jug comes with 1 x cartridge so you can use it straight away and is Brita Maxtra compatible as well. The cartridges need replacing every month to maintain the highest quality water.


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