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San Lorenzo Espresso - Guatemala - Extract Coffee Roasters - 250g bag

In the Cup

Milk chocolate, nougat and praline

Finca San Lorenzo, San Cristóbal, Alta Verapaz, Cobán, Guatemala
Fully washed & sun-dried or dried in guardiolas
Drinking Guide:
Try 18g coffee:36ml of liquid over 28 seconds as an espresso.
Good Stuff:
Protecting natural forest

About the Coffee

This Guatemalan coffee has an incredible sweetness with notes of milk chocolate and nougat. Delicious with milk and alt-milks, try 18g coffee : 36ml of liquid over 28 seconds as an espresso.

Meet the Growers

Earlier this year we roasted this coffee as a filter with notes of crisp green apple and wine gums. Now, roasted for espresso, the extended roast time brings more sweetness and caramelisation to this coffee with sweet, chocolatey flavours.

San Lorenzo is run by the pioneering Valdés family. 30 hectares of farmland is protected natural forest preserving biodiversity. The growers use meticulous pruning and rust-resistant varietals to reduce chemical fertilisers and pest control on the farm.

Ripe cherries are picked, then processed on San Lorenzo’s sister farm, Santa Isabel. Cherries are pulped to remove their skins, fermented in tanks, then washed to remove any remaining mucilage. The discarded fruit is recycled as compost for the farm.

Next, the coffee is dried on patios, then in greenhouses and mechanical driers and rested between dryings to stabilise its humidity. Finally, the coffee is dry-milled to remove the husks of the bean.

High rainfall and humidity in Cobán meant the region was considered unsuitable for speciality coffee but this farm’s innovative cultivation and processing certainly proves otherwise. We love it.

Meet the Roasters

San Lorenzo is roasted on Betty, a 1955 vintage probat roaster lovingly refurbished by the Extract Coffee Roasters team.

San Lorenzo Espresso


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How to brew San Lorenzo Espresso

Try 18g coffee:36ml of liquid over 28 seconds as an espresso.

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