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Extract Coffee Roasters Speciality Coffee Selection Box
What's in the box?:
A selection from our Hero Coffee Range: Original, Cast Iron, Rocket, Organic, Dr Strangelove (5 x 120g)

The perfect gift for coffee lovers

We’ve selected five of our favourite speciality coffees and made them mini - the perfect coffee gift set.

Each coffee has been ethically sourced from Extract Coffee Roasters’ longest standing grower partnerships.

The coffees are available as whole-bean only.

Each coffee can be enjoyed black, with milk or with alt-milk, making the Extract Coffee Roasters selection box a versatile gift for any coffee lover.

What's in our Speciality Coffee Selection Box?

Five 120g bags of our favourite Heroes.

  • Original: A people pleasing coffee: versatile & delicious.
  • Cast Iron: A dark roast single-origin espresso from a rainforest alliance certified farm in Guatemala. 
  • Organic: A medium-roast organic certified coffee, smooth, rich & chocolatey.
  • Rocket: A full bodied roast, bold with subtle fruit notes.
  • Dr Strangelove: A single-origin espresso with lots of sweetness and tropical fruit flavours. 

How many cups do you get out of each pack?

Each pack contains 120g of whole bean coffee.

If you’re buying whole bean coffee to use in an espresso machine, we recommend a dose of 18g of coffee per double shot of espresso. You should get 4-6 double shots of espresso from each pack (depending on your dialling-in wastage). That’s  20-30 incredible cups of coffee to enjoy from the set.

A 3-cup mokka pot using 12g per brew should give you 9-10 brews, up to 30 cups!

If you're grinding to use as a filter, or cafetiere we recommend 70g coffee per 1l of water. 

Speciality Coffee Tasting Set (Whole Bean)

Available as Whole Bean only

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