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Extract Coffee Roasters Grass Roots Espresso 250g

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Pineapple, butterscotch and honey

Paul Pora and smallholders, Kuli Gap, Western High-land Province, Papua New Guinea
Drinking Guide:
Espresso: 18g in for 34-36g out. Try a longer shot time of 30-35 seconds
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About Grass Roots Espresso

The Grass Roots natural espresso has been described as a ‘wild card’ by Head Roaster, Tommy. Its boozy, fruity flavour profile is characteristic of the natural process. If you loved our recent Rwenzori Natural or Funka 2021 then you're going to love this one too!

Grass Roots is grown in the Western Highlands Province, the highest region producing coffee in Papua New Guinea. Its volcanic, fertile soil contributes to the tropical flavours in this sticky sweet espresso.

How to brew Grass Roots Espresso

This coffee really shines in milk with those fruity notes softening to butterscotch as a flat white. After a few different recipes we've settled on a longer shot time for this espresso. 18g coffee in for 34-36g espresso out, aiming for a shot time of 30-35 seconds and topping up with dairy or alt milk. Grass Roots also works super well in a cafetiere if you want a longer drink. Try 70g coffee per litre hot water, brewed for 4 minutes and enjoyed black or with milk or alternative milks.

Meet the Growers

We first roasted Grass Roots back in 2020 and recently featured a washed process from Grass Roots as our Roaster’s Choice Espresso. We love this mill and are stoked to be roasting their coffee once again, this time, a delicious natural process - where the coffee is dried with the outer fruit intact. Traditionally in Papua New Guinea, coffee farming skills are passed down between generations, with growers learning on the land, but Paul Pora who owns the Grass Roots Mill has taken a different path.

Paul is a skilled agronomist with a degree in Agriculture and diplomas in Agricultural Breeding. Before becoming a producer himself, he worked with the Coffee Research Institute, in Papua New Guinea. Paul brings this expertise to the mill, which shows in the consistently incredible quality coffee they produce.

Meet the Roasters

Grass Roots is roasted on Betty, the 1955 vintage roaster lovingly restored by the Extract Coffee Roasers team.

Grass Roots Natural Espresso


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How to brew Grass Roots Natural Espresso

Espresso: 18g in for 34-36g out. Try a longer shot time of 30-35 seconds

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