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Stories from the farm

La Marianela in Colombia is one our longest standing partnerships. Farmers we are proud to call our friends.

Like us, they are a family run business. Run by father and son team, Hernan and Pablo Dorronsoro. Also like us, they are driven by passion, a belief in sharing knowledge and a mission to make coffee better.

Areas of the farm are treated as a nature reserve. It makes its own compost and recycles water to protect natural resources.

Workers are well cared for, paid wages above the average and there is housing provision for some of the permanent staff.

Together we have worked on experimental lots, varietals, new processing methods, a 100% traceable decaf and our new low-caffeine espresso, Half Speed.

The returns from these projects are reinvested into infrastructure, conservation and more employment in their community. It’s not a quick win. It’s a true partnership and one we are proud of.

Here are some of the stories from our visits to the farm.

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