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Madrigal Fully Washed Filter Coffee - Costa Rica

In the Cup

Pecans, brown sugar, dried pineapple

Oscar Madrigal Chacón, Santa María de Dota, Tarrazú
Fully Washed
Drinking Guide:
Best enjoyed black. Try as a cafetiere using 70g per litre, brewed for 4 minutes
Good Stuff:
Shade grown, farm uses organic fertiliser

About Madrigal Washed Filter Coffee

A delicious filter coffee with sparkling acidity from one of Costa Rica’s most famous coffee growing regions, Tarrazu. Madrigal has delicious notes of pecan nuts, brown sugar and sweet dried pineapple.

The resulting coffee is bright and clean with lots of acidity, making it a delicious filter brew, best enjoyed black. Try as a cafetiere using 70g per litre, brewed for 4 minutes.

Meet the Grower

Coffee grower, Oscar Madrigal Chacón grew up amongst coffee trees in the hills and mountains of Santa Maria de Dota in Tarrazu. He inherited a love for coffee growing from his parents and grandparents.

Today, Don Oscar owns four coffee farms in Carrizal, León Cortés, Tarrazú and Dota which are great examples of how coffee farming can be used to promote biodiversity. Don Oscar’s coffee is shade grown under native shade trees like poró and avocado and he uses only organic fertilisers.

This particular coffee, from Don Oscar’s Tarrazú farm is what’s known as a fully washed.

Ripe coffee cherries are picked, sorted and pulped to remove the skins of the cherries. The coffee is then washed to remove the mucilage, the sticky fruit of the cherry which surrounds the bean. Finally the washed cherries are dried, sorted and graded then sent to Extract Coffee Roasters for roasting.

Meet the Roasters

Madrigal Washed Filter coffee is roasted on Betty, a 1955 cast iron, Probat coffee roaster. We found Betty in  Cardiff in 2010 and lovingly brought her back to life through a series of restorations by Extract Coffee co-founder, David Faulkner.

Her most recent restoration throughout 2018 and 2019 made further improvements on her efficiency and will keep this iconic machine running for many more years to come.

Madrigal Filter


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How to brew Madrigal Filter

Best enjoyed black. Try as a cafetiere using 70g per litre, brewed for 4 minutes

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