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Sitio Tres Barras

In the Cup

Salted butter, chocolate chip cookies & clotted cream

Divinolandia, Brazil
Drinking Guide:
Great with milk. A banging espresso.

About the Coffee

This coffee is a great example of a sweet, nutty Brazilian coffee – great balance and an all-day, everyday espresso. We taste salted butter, chocolate chip cookies & clotted cream. We recommend a brew ratio of 1:2 for espresso. As a milky number bringing out that clotted cream goodness.

About the coffee growers

Brazil has a long history of coffee production. As the largest producer in the world, they normally focus on huge commercial production. But in the region of Divinolandia things are done a little differently; small scale, family producers focus on quality over yield. A few producers from Divinolandia have led the way in producing consistently excellent coffee, inspiring other producers in the region and convincing them of the potential. We’re pretty stoked that the producer of this coffee is one of them.

Natural coffees are a bit of a specialty around the region. The terrain can be challenging so there’s no mechanised picking; instead areas of the farm are picked clean by hand, then pruned as the unripe cherries are separated and the rest are dried in the sun.

Unusually the coffee is dried on tarpaulins. This traditional practice is rarely seen in the area as most producers have invested in patios to dry their coffees, but something that is clearly still working for the family here at Tres Barras coffee farm.

About the roaster

Sitio Tres Barras is roasted on Betty, a 1955 cast iron Probat Roaster found in Cardiff in 2010 and lovingly brought back to life through a series of restorations by Extract Coffee co-founder, David Faulkner. Her most recent restoration throughout 2018 and 2019 made further improvements on her efficiency and will keep this iconic machine running for many more years to come.

Sitio Tres Barras Espresso


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How to brew Sitio Tres Barras Espresso

Great with milk. A banging espresso.

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