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Tarrazu Natural Espresso, Costa Rica, roasted by Extract Coffee Roasters, 250g Whole Coffee Beans

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Kirsch cherries, cacao nibs and sourdough croissants

Smallholders & Beneficio San Diego Mill, Tarrazú & Tres Ríos, Costa Rica
Drinking Guide:
Tastes great in an espresso machine using 18g coffee to 36g liquid over 25 seconds
Good Stuff:
Supporting small, family-run farms

Tarrazu Natural all sold out for this year

Thanks for the delicious fruity vibes Tarrazu. You were awesome. If you missed out on Tarrazu and are looking for a similar espresso to try, check out our selection of natural process coffees. We've got lots more coffee from Central America for you to try too. 


About Tarrazu Natural Espresso

A coffee with plenty of sweetness and complexity to boot. Tarrazu is a delicious winter coffee with notes of kirsch cherries and cacao nibs. With milk we get the buttery tang of sourdough croissants. This medium roast espresso will taste great in an espresso machine with a brew ratio of 18g coffee to 36g liquid over 25 seconds or in a cafetiere using 80g per litre, brewed for 4 minutes.

Meet the coffee grower

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to roast an exceptional filter coffee, La Trinidad, from Costa Rica’s famous coffee growing region, Tarrazu. We’re delighted to be roasting coffee from this region again with the Tarrazu Natural from Beneficio San Diego Mill.

The landscape of Tarrazu is one of mountains and lush vegetation. This allows the coffee cherries to mature slowly and the flavours to really develop. Most coffee growers here don’t own their own washing stations, instead they take their coffee to a local wet-mill such as Beneficio San Diego for processing. The mill invests heavily in improving coffee quality and innovative processing methods.

This particular lot is a natural or dry process coffee. Ripe coffee cherries are delivered to the mill and carefully dried. As the cherries dry the sticky fruit starts to ferment around the bean, this is what gives this coffee its intense sweetness. The beans are then dry milled to remove the remaining fruit and parchment from the bean. Finally the beans are graded and sent to us for roasting.

Meet the roaster

Tarrazu Natural is roasted on Betty, a 1955 vintage Probat roaster which was lovingly rebuilt and restored by the Extract team.

Tarrazú Natural Espresso

This season's Tarrazu is all sold out. Head to the shop for more coffees to try.

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How to brew Tarrazú Natural Espresso

Tastes great in an espresso machine using 18g coffee to 36g liquid over 25 seconds

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