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Wahana Estate Espresso


Following last years success, we have purchased a good amount of this Wahana Estate Natural which is slightly cleaner than last years crop and a firm favourite in the roastery hopper this week….

Wahana estate was established in 2006 and covers an area 480 hectares. It is located in Desa Lae Mungkur, Kel. Sidiangkat, Kab. Dairi, North Sumatera, which is one of the best regions for coffee plantations in Indonesia. The altitude of Wahana estate is 1200- 1320m above sea level and with annual rainfall of 1,450 mm/year, it is really suitable for the growth of coffee.

Wahana has also implemented good practice of coffee growing, where they only apply organic fertilizers (manure and composted skin pulped cherries) on the farm and have planted 100% of shade canopy trees on all coffee.

Wahana also focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility, which gives attention to workers’ condition and housing for workers and a clinic to serve all coffee workers.

Roast me some David: Buy here

For brew ratios please call me at the roastery and let me know how you go…David.;0)

In the cup: Rich malt loaf, star anise complex kumquat acidity. Enjoy.

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