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Strongman Espresso


Strongman Espresso is back this month to fight the good fight and inject some serious caffeine into the Movember Foundation’s campaign for men’s health. Last year we, and all our coffee quaffers, helped raise over £600 with the help of a supernatural Nicaraguan single estate espresso. This year we’ve been sitting on another outstanding Nicaraguan coffee, the Finca La Cascada (Lot 4), one of our favourite coffees to come through the roastery this year. Now comes the time for the Cascada to step up to the plate (or should that be cup?), and help make some serious noise (or should that be slurp?) for a worthy cause. 

Cascada’s farmer, Luis Alberto Peralta, has embarked on an experimental regime of separating his lots and working with different coffee processes to bring a variety of complex and exciting coffees to the table. The setting is ideal, a 50 hectare farm in the mountainous region of Dipilto, receiving annual rainfall of 1600mm, and close proximity of the immense El Volcan river. Naturally processed lots from Finca La Cascada have undergone careful selection whereby hand-picked cherries are put through a water siphon and then manually inspected in order to separate any defect beans. Once the fully ripe cherries have been selected, they are taken to the San Ignacio dry mill to undergo a very slow drying process to encourage full enzymatic fermentation. It’s this fermentation that gives the STRONGMAN its floral, strawberry and cherry-like sweetness. 

Throughout the course of the month, we’ll be roasting and serving as much STRONGMAN as we can, in the hope it can fuel some respectable moustache growth and grooming! As well as joining the Movember network, the purchase of the STRONGMAN espresso will see £1 donated to the foundation for every kilo sold. In addition, we’re inviting any mo bros or sistas to submit their best moustache efforts (get a bag or cup of STRONGMAN in there for extra credit!). Get in touch via twitter @extractcoffee, or email, and the winning entry will receive a selection of Extract’s single origin coffees. 

There are lots of ways to get involved this month, so to make sure you can handle the daily groom, the moustache mockery, and the bits of food that are bound to collect there – get a cup of STRONGMAN down your neck for good measure, it will see you through. 




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