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Impress Coffee Brewer from Blank Box Coffee


Having worked with Blank Box Coffee in the past in order to showcase some of our new coffees, we were really excited by the latest addition to their coffee geek-dom – the Impress Brewer. It works similarly to a cafetiere, in that it incorporates full submersion of the coffee grounds with a plunging mechanism. No need for filters – the sturdy metal filter and double silicone gasket ensures a very clean cup of coffee.

This brew method has been great to trial new coffees here at the roastery, especially as the insulated outer cup keeps our coffee hot! (You would think a coffee roasters would be a warm place….) The fine filtration of the inner cup is designed as a reverse flow filter that is pressed down inside the inner cup. Inspired by the porta-filter, it allows flexibility of grind size, which is perfect for tweaking brew recipes and chasing the ever-elusive perfect cup.

Post plunge, the grounds are trapped in the bottom chamber of the cup, which limits over extraction. Even though the device is designed to transport your brewed coffee, decanting still ensures the optimum brew quality, and the cup holds a comfortable two servings!

Its easy to clean, just knock out the grounds and rinse. Or for a more thorough clean, it disassembles easily and is dishwasher safe.

We’re ‘Impressed’!

It’s available from Blank Box Coffee

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