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Wahana Estate Espresso – New Crop Arrival


Introducing the Indonesian Wahana Espresso

Coffee: Wahana Natural
Farm: Small holders
Varietal(s): Typica, HDT, Rasuna, Lini S, Ethiopian lines, Caturra, Catimor
Processing: Natural
Owner: Wahana Graha Makmur
Altitude: 1,300-1,500 metres above sea level
City: Sidikalang
Region: North Sumatra Province
Country: Sumatra

It’s been another great yield this year from the Wahana Estate in Northern Sumatra. The Wahana wet mill has revolutionised coffee processing in the region since it first opened in 2006, in introducing a system whereby the freshly picked cherries are delivered to the wet mill for centralised processing. Indonesian coffees often used to be characterised by harsh earthiness and over fermentation due to coffees being processed differently by each small holder. These lots were then sold to collectors before being cleaned and graded by exporters. What the Wahana mill seeks to do is to create a streamlined and uniformed process that brings consistency to the cup.

The smallholders have also developed sustainable farming practices using only organic fertilizers (manure and composted cherry pulp), and planting canopy trees in an effort to provide 100% shade for all coffee plants. In addition, the estate practices Corporate Social Responsibility which helps provide housing and a clinic to serve all coffee workers.

On the cupping table, the Wahana really blew us away. So much so, that we’ve pulled back the roasting on this one to give it a lighter profile, so the natural acidity and sweetness of the coffee can speak for itself.

In the cup: Lychee, passionfruit & dry cocoa finish
W/ milk: Strawberry milkshake

Roast me some Wahana

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