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Strong Man Espresso 2014 – Aguacartes


Calling each and every rock star, box car, and handlebar, every regent, trucker, walrus and wisp…… STRONG MAN ESPRESSO is back to fight the good fight and inject some serious caffeine into the Movember Foundation’s campaign for men’s health.

Last year we, and all our coffee quaffers, helped raise over £600 with the help of a supernatural Nicaraguan single estate espresso. This year the STRONG MAN ESPRESSO is a single-origin Colombian coffee, and with £1.00 donated to the Movember Founadation for every 1 kilo that leaves the roastery, it’s a great coffee for a fan-tash-tic cause.



Farm Group Name: Los Aguacates
Altitude: 1800-1900
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Washed coffee.
Drying: The drying is made in sliding trays in the trilladora (Mill) La Pradera, in the Cooperative in the town of Andes
Location: Vereda La Arboleda sector, El Aguacate Jardín
Region: South East Antioquia, Colombia
Farm Size: 16 hectares
Area producing coffee: 10 hectares

Los Aguacartes is the name given to a cooperative of farmers in the South East Antioquia region of Colombia. The region is renowned for producing a distinctive and consistent flavour profile, allowing smaller farmers to group their lots and centralize processing. The farmers contributing to this particular lot have all come from farming backgrounds, working on other farms during harvest periods in order to save money to purchase their own smallholdings. Together they invest in improving farming techniques, soil analysis, fertilization & pruning in order to improve yield and ultimately better the lives of themselves and their families. Future plans for the cooperative include increasing the production area, renovating plantations and most importantly, developing the quality of the coffee.

It is from this cooperative that we have chosen our STRONG MAN seasonal single origin espresso. Bright in the cup, yet loaded with fruit sweetness, and a mellow sugary finish. It presses every part of the palette. In milk, this coffee changes into an oaty, malty, biscuity drink with a subtler fruit flavour. Think hob nobs or digestives.

In the cup – Grapefruit, pineapple & brown sugar
w/ milk – Oaty biscuits

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