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Wahana Estate – Its Time To Get Tropical!


We, like the rest of the British public, might be getting a little ahead of ourselves with the whole sunshine, shorts and sunnies thing. But what would summertime be without a little ill placed frivolity and optimism?

Well we’ve jumped on the bandwagon, so let us help you seasonal visionaries caffeinate this transition with what is set to be our most tropical coffee of all time – The WAHANA ESTATE. These North Sumatran small holders really know how to coax out flavour; Kiwi, apple, quince & strawberry, and that’s just to get your started!

We have also managed to secure a small lot of an exclusive 100% Longberry lot from the same Estate. Unlike the natural described above, this is a washed coffee meticulously farmed by the estate itself, rather than the neighbouring smallholders. Countless unique varietals are farmed here, and the Longberry is a great example of how coffee flavours can be transformed by processing. Barely recognisable as coming from the same farm as the WAHANA NATURAL, the Longberry is rounded, balanced, and super sweet and juicy. There is a herby, floral aroma that is far more delicate than its big punchy taste. This coffee was made for espresso.

This is the third year that we have bought coffees from this estate, and each year they exhibit new and exciting flavours. The estate now employs up to 1000 workers, all of whom are entitled to housing, electricity, schooling and healthcare for them and their families.

Both coffees are available now from our webshop.


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