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Santa Clara Estate


This year we are revisiting the SANTA CLARA ESTATE in a BIG way. We are super excited to be showcasing a series of their expertly crafted coffees, each demonstrating its own processing method. Santa Clara are taking us on an adventure of coffee. Ricardo Zelaya, his family, and a team of enthusiastic, skilled workers are perfecting their craft year on year. Meticulous processing and optimum growing conditions have enabled the farm to manipulate each of their coffees, but don’t just take our word for it, try each lot to discover just how much impact process can have on flavour.

First in the series is the Santa Clara Honey Espresso. Big, bold and ever so sweet, it combines light fermentation of the coffee cherries, with the clean and bright notes of washing. In the cup this becomes butterscotch, lemon & honey.

Next up we have the almighty Santa Clara Washed. Like its honey processed predecessor, it has a light sparkling acidity and refreshing mouthfeel. Green apple, grape and lemon are balanced by a finish of sweet sugary toffee.

Third is the outlandish Santa Clara Natural Espresso. Flamboyant, fruit-filled and floral. This is not for the fainthearted. The extended ferment of these cherries brings wild flavours of allspice, black olive & lavender.

Last up is the Santa Clara Peaberry. Whilst this coffee also undergoes the washed process, the Peaberry grade beans bring an extra punch of syrupy sweetness, alongside buttery macadamia & milk chocolate finish. If milk is your thing – this one is for you.

To find out more about the Santa Clara estate, and the specifics of each method, head to the webshop.

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