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Campus and Coffee


On Saturday the guys from Campus Skateparks took over the roastery. There was a great vibe; skateboards clattered against the ramp in rallying support of jumps and tricks, people sipped coffee whilst browsing through the campus kit and kids pushed on their tiptoes to get a better look.

Both with backgrounds in youth work, Andre and Tim have worked hard over the last four years to change the way social work is viewed and to create community. They believe that “the best way to work with young people is to provide an inclusive space that gives opportunities for socialising and personal development without pressure to conform.” This was evident on Saturday when a whole range of ages pitched up and took to the ramp or enjoyed a chat over coffee.

It was a privilege to collaborate with people committed to making positive change and to use the roastery to create a communal space. We’re already looking forward to the next Campus takeover!

If you fancy a skate or are interested in what the Campus guys have created, drop by the Park or the Pool (an old swimming pool converted into an awesome skatepark). If you’d like to pop in to the roastery, come on down, everyone is always welcome.

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