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New Coffee – Rwandan Mbilima


The lot is produced by the Musasa Dukunde Washing Station, one of the highest mills in Rwanda at a staggering 2020 metres above sea level. Here, coffee cherries are centrally processed from neighbouring small holders. Most of whom have seen their income from coffee at least double since the proliferation of this style of processing.

Prior to this centralisation, farmers would deliver semi-processed cherries to a middle man, then to a single exporter. The market was primarily driven by quantity. However, in recent years, the profitability of the speciality coffee sector is now driving a quality focused approach, in which the Rwandan market has thrived.

At the mill, the coffee undergoes approximately four stages of processing. First, mechanical pulping. Second, a 12 hour fermentation, with a secondary grading in flotation channels. Thirdly, an 18-24 hour soaking to stabilise moisture content. Finally, the drying and sorting; initially under shaded canopies, before being moved to exposed tables, depending on the weather.

The mill not only helps to improve coffee quality, but also the lives of the farmers who it relies on to produce good cherries. School fees and medical insurance are provided, as well as education in coffee cultivating. Cows are also given as a bonus scheme, which provide improved diet, supplementary income and great fertilizer! Tailor made bicycles are also available for speedy delivery of cherries, so they can be processed on the day of picking.

In the cup: Blood orange, cranberry & rooibos.

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