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5 Reasons Why We Love Colombia


Today we wish Ashlee, our brilliant Production Roaster, a bon voyage as she sets off on an exciting journey to learn all about the journey of our coffee. A meta-journey if you will. Ash will be spending time on one of the origin farms, based in Colombia, working with the coffee farmers and seeing first-hand how those wonderful little beans end up in our roastery.

So as we’re sat in sunny Bristol, we decided to list all the reasons why we weren’t at all jealous of Ash’s trip*.
*We’re definitely jealous. Colombia is great.

1. All the GREAT animals.

Colombia is known for it’s high biodiversity, with a plethora of weird and wonderful creatures found across the country. Some of our favourites include sloths (both the two-, and three-toed variety), the giant armadillo, jaguarundi, and this guy – the olinguito, Spanish for “little olingo”. Discovered in 2013, the olinguito made it into the “Top 10 New Species of 2014” – an accolade we assume is a big deal for newly discovered species. Congratulations Little Olingo!

2. Bike paths galore.

Colombia’s capital city, Bogota, boasts one of the largest and most comprehensive cycle networks in the world! A bike path network of over 200 miles has been developed around the city. Designed so that the paths cross and connect as often as possible, winding through the city centre and reaching all the way out to the suburbs making pedal power the ultimate way to travel. Since the network has been developed it’s estimated that between 300,000 – 400,000 journeys are made by bike DAILY. And we think that’s wheel-y cool. (Sorry).

3. Cheese + Chocolate.

Cheese and chocolate, debatably the two best foods on this planet, and the wonderful country of Colombia decided that surely the only thing better than devouring one of these treats was to eat both. Together. Cheesy hot chocolate is a popular dish around the country, often served at breakfast! The drinker is presented with a cup of “to-die-for” hot chocolate, and several slices of queso on the side to melt into the drink. Even if you’re not convinced by this quirky combo, you have to give credit to Colombia for giving it a good go.

4. The sun has ALWAYS got his hat on.

Colombia sits directly on the equator, meaning that there’s sun all year round! No need to stock up on those vitamin D supplements, or attempt to wear three jumpers at once when winter kicks in.

5. The happiest country in the world.

In 2013 and 2014 Colombia was officially named the happiest country in the world. We can’t really say we’re surprised considering points 1 – 4; we’d also be pretty happy if we could spend the day cycling in the sun, alongside the sloths and armadillos, whilst enjoying a cheesy-hot chocolate…

All in all we think Ash is probably going to have an amazing time and we can’t wait to hear all about it!

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