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Roll up, roll up – the Strong Man is coming to town


Get ready for the Strong Man Espresso – Finca El Ocotal – coming to town October 1st, 2016

We’re stoked to announce that the Strong Man is coming back to town as our autumnal espresso, and he’s promising a show like never before.

This year our Strong Man Espresso takes us to Southern Honduras and to the farm of Santos Guevara Lopez. Here, coffee cherries are handpicked only when perfectly matured, and then delivered to the farm’s small wet mill where they are pulped the same day. After a 15 hour fermentation, the coffee is fully washed and dried on Saran netting. Following Lopez’s stint in the Honduran army, he returned to the countryside to pursue coffee farming to provide for himself, his wife and daughter. Success followed, with a plantation of meticulously cultivated Pacas plants. Santos is one true coffee gent making coffee his life’s work. He also happens to sport the kind of moustache we could only dream of…

Our partnership with the Movember Foundation is one we support wholeheartedly year after year, and 2016 is no exception. Every minute a man takes his own life, with a devastating 510,000 men dying from suicide globally each year. Along with their fantastic research and support for men’s health including testicular and prostate cancer, the Movember Foundation strives to help men lead happier, healthier, longer lives, and here at Extract Coffee Roasters we aim to do everything we can to aid this.

This is why the Strong Man Espresso is one of our all-time favourites to roast and share, as we donate every £1 per kilogram sold to the cause, as well as hosting fundraising events and activities to get everyone having mo’ fun.

So get ready for some Strong Man in your lives. This coffee has a rounded sweetness, creating a punchy espresso that blends perfectly with milk. Think sticky sweet vanilla custard and pecan pie. Stick that on your top lip.

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