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Original Espresso relaunches with new Peruvian coffee


Making coffee better

Hold coffee in our Original Espresso. With tasting notes of walnut, brown sugar and cocoa it's flipping tasty.

We're really excited to showcase coffees from Peruvian workers co-operative Sol & Cafe in our flagship product as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, traceability and, of course, roasting top quality beans.

The coffee was found in smaller lots in the Cajamarca region when directors, Marc Richards and David Faulkner travelled to Peru in search of new coffees for other blends.

“The opportunity to buy a superior coffee as an extension of Project 121 from smaller lots in Cajamarca was simply too good to pass up. We’re really excited to introduce it into our Original Espresso blend.”
Marc Richards, Co-founder, Extract Coffee Roasters

Extract has a history of extended partnerships with coffee farms in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador and now, Peru. Working with farmers at origin, using their skills and knowledge has helped us customise flavour profiles and improve our coffee, making our Original Espresso even tastier.

“Hopping between farms each year to drive down prices may seem like the easy option, but it’s not sustainable. We believe in building longer term partnerships which support ongoing and stable growth for coffee farmers.”
David Faulkner, Co-founder, Extract Coffee Roasters

The coffee is part of Project 121, an initiative which pays farmers who produce high quality, speciality coffee a premium over and above organic and fairtrade rates.

Through Project 121, growers who cannot afford certification are incentivised to use sustainable farming methods to produce top quality coffee.

We've now been involved with Project 121 for the past three years and have been increasing orders year on year, from five bags, to twenty, to sixty in 2017.

Supporting the long term growth of these farmers, and their communities, is exactly what we're about.

So you fancy giving the new coffee a whirl? Grab yourself a cup in cafes serving Extract Coffee Roaster’s Original Espresso throughout the UK or order your beans online.

Try the new Original

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About Sol & Cafe
Sol & Café is an association of small producers, who have voluntarily joined together to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations, and maintains a jointly controlled, democratically controlled model of ownership. The Sol & Cafe Cooperative provides farmers with the practical support they need to improve coffee quality and crop yield. Every farm is given a free coffee pulper, access to facilities such as dryers, and education.

About Project 121
The Project 121 pilot was established in Honduras by coffee importers D.R Wakefield and, following its success, extended a year later into Peru, which is the third largest country in South America and grows the equivalent of around 4 million bags of coffee annually. It’s renowned as one of the largest growers of organic coffee. Under the scheme, a farmer produces a micro-lot that will be graded and prepared to meet SCA quality standards of at least 83 points. The farmer is then paid a premium $0.60c/lb higher than organic and fairtrade premiums for this coffee.

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