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Trip to origin – Fly to El Salvador


Finca San Carlos

First up, some shots from Finca San Carlos. Coffee off of this farm is so good and we're really excited about roasting it later this year.

The farm works with organic farming principals and is treated like a nature reserve. Part of this deal is that no animals are hurt or killed and no fires are lit on the farm - hence all the signs.

It's a lush place with its own micro climate, it's well shaded by a mix of indigenous and fruit trees the leaf litter is left on the ground to preserve moisture, promote healthier soils and aid nutrient absorption. The farm felt cooler and was immaculately kept (which was refreshing as El Salvador was hot man!)

The dirt road I'm sat on leads up to the farm gate behind which has the farm managers house/stores/and nursery - oh and that sign was broken when I got there!!

Cuzcachapa mill

Our host, Fernando Lima, was GM of the Cuzcachapa coffee mill, a co-operative mill which ran like clockwork.

Fernando took us around a handful of his personal farms and organised the cupping at the mill where we found some delicious coffees which will be landing in the Extract roastery at a later date.

The photos below are of some newly restored mill machinery and one of the farm trucks delivering ripe coffee to the mill at the end of the day.

The next lot of photos are of the Cuzcachapa cupping lab, some old school test roasters and the farm truck of my dreams...

Jasal Mill

This is a set of pics from the Jasal mill, our last day in El Salvador.

The mill is very forward thinking. From experimenting with exotic and hybrid arabicas to rediscovering lost farming techniques from their ancestors. Cupping coffees from such an innovative mill was pretty awesome.

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