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Mindful moments


There's something peacefully ritualistic about a V60. The slow, steady, circular motion of pouring the water over the coffee. The aromas rising up as the grounds begin to Extract. The timing, the precision. For three short minutes, all other thoughts are extinguished as my mind focuses entirely on the task at hand.

We've been talking with other members of the Extract team about their mindful moments.

In the garden

On a Sunday afternoon when the weekend is winding down, I usually spend a couple of hours in the garden.

The physical work focuses my mind and all other thoughts fall away; I am totally carefree for those few hours. Something about being outside and working with the soil feels extremely healing.

The physical work and the fresh air is exhausting like nothing else and I go home feeling tired but fulfilled.

Lisa, Customer Manager

Hit the ramps

When I roller skate, on a ramp or on a track, I’m just thinking about the skating.

How to jump higher, stop more aggressively or hit harder. The rest of the day melts away and it becomes all about the roller skating, and the pleasure of it.

Claire, Marketing Coordinator

On your bike

For mindfulness, it has to be cycling for me.

The repetitive action of pedaling, combined with being outside works as a mental reset for me and allows me to look at things with a new perspective.

Sean, Production Manager

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