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Adventures from the harvest: The final days of la cosecha

We send Extract barista Henry Edwards from Verbier in snowy Switzerland to the coffee harvest at La Marianela in Colombia. As the harvest comes to a close he reflects on what he’s learned on this incredible adventure…

The final days of the harvest

Despite the huge flow of coffee being brought in, the harvest is beginning to slow down and steadily the crop has lessened. As I enter my final days here at La Marianela, I feel that I have learned more than I could have hoped for by coming to experience ‘la cosecha’ (the main harvest).

This experience has been an insight not only into the how the coffee transforms from bean to cup, but also into the lives of those who work on the plantation.

For coffee growers like Pablo and his father Hernan, this is the most important month of the year and it is crucial that everything runs smoothly and that there remains a reliable workforce. This made me think about how important relationships are in the coffee industry, not only the relationship between Pablo and his workers, but also the relationship between the buyers and suppliers; i.e La Marianela and Extract.

Fair prices and an annual demand from Extract mean a lot for the Doronsorros and all of their workers. La Marianela’s exclusivity in the UK market, a meaningful relationship with their roaster and incredible quality in the cup is what makes this speciality coffee truly special.

La Marianela Colombia Coffee Harvest

Henry - Marianela Coffee Harvest - cherries and blossom

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