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7 wonders of DO


Jim Marsden - Drinking Coffee DO 2018

Huge thank you to @JimMarsdenPhotography for your friendship, conversation and these beautiful pictures from DO 2018.

DO 2018

Crisp cold mornings. Autumn is here. Summer, and in particular one gloriously hot weekend at DO Lectures feels like a lifetime ago. So, as the season shifts, as we find that sweatshirt from the back of our closets and we knock the central heating up a degree or two; now feels like a good time to reflect.

Hidden in West Wales, DO is the place where we brush our teeth to an open air view of the sea. Where the sky is filled with swallows and no matter how late we hid out in the whiskey barn and secret gin bars we still jumped out of bed to stick the coffee on, grab an early morning yoga session or a run on the beach. DO is the place where one person’s story can render you speechless and you discover parts of your brain that you’d forgotten existed. Where the people, wow - the people and the sense of community literally takes your breath away.

Anyone lucky enough to have attended the DO Lectures will know that a single blog post couldn’t possibly do it justice. But, as overwhelming a task as it was, here are my personal highlights, a handful of lessons learned and some of the incredible people we met.

1. Be here. Now

Morning yoga with Michael Townsend, a lesson in @DoingDeath from Amanda Blainey. Humbling tales from so, so many speakers. Pottery workshops, runs on the beach or simply lying in the grass and taking a moment to reflect. DO was the place which reminded us to stop doing for a moment, and BE.

2. Family is where you find it

In a family run business like Extract, our team is everything. An unbreakable culture where relationships run deep. A community. A family.

We made some fabulous friendships at DO Lectures. Inspiring creators. Awesome people, who we hope to meet again and again.

3. Singing is good for the soul

We went to DO and we sang. Together. So, so much more than I was expecting to. It felt incredible. We should do that again. Thank you James Sills, I See Rivers, Dave Cheetham, Luke Sital-Singh and Beth Rowley for bringing the song.

4. Interested is interesting. Speak your truth

We all have a story. Most of us want to hear each others. So speak your truth. Share your story and listen to others. This weekend was filled with the most wonderful storytellers.

Bobette Buster let us in on the secrets of telling your story. Her book,DO Story is definitely worth a read.

Kris Hallenga told us about being diagnosed with Breast Cancer aged 23 and her movement, CoppaFeel. We’ll be serving the coffee at this year’s #Festifeel on 6th October.

… And there wasn’t a dry eye in the house after listening to Giles Duley share his stories as a war photographer.

5. The power of small

At DO we found ourselves surrounded by some of THE most inspirational people we’ve met. Disruptors. Change makers. But the talks that made us stop in our tracks were from people reminding us to live and love each day. That the small, can be extraordinary - and inspiring.

Check out for more.

Listen to Amanda’s podcast with David Hieatt on Doing Death

6. Dare to think more adventurously

Discover the micro-adventures on your doorstep. Or dare to draw your wildest dreams. The energy, passion and adventurous spirit of Al Humpreys (MicroAdventures) and Dave Evans (Design Your Life) were captivating.

7. Curious people drink a LOT of coffee

More than you could possibly imagine.

For more information about DO Lectures events, and their talks articles and podcasts visit

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