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Wake up and smell the coffee

The whirr of the grinder. The smell of the brew. It's not just the caffeine, the very process of making yourself a coffee awakens the senses.

Brewing up a coffee can be a quiet moment gifted to yourself in the middle of the day. We asked Clem from Yoga Brunch Club to guide us through a mindfulness exercise for brewing coffee.

So, just for fun, take an extra moment to join us for a slower brew.

We're using a cafetiere for this exercise but mindfulness is about slowing down and being present in the moment, so you can try this with any brew method.

You’ll need: Your brew equipment, we’re using a cafetiere, a grinder (if using whole beans), a timer, your favourite cup and coffee of your choice.

Switch the kettle on, weigh your coffee beans, notice their texture, weight and colour.

Take a deep inhale and exhale (if it helps, place your hands on your belly for this and close your eyes)

Smell the aromas of the coffee, breathing in the rich and intense flavours.

As you pour the water, notice the clearness of the water, the steam that rises and the textures and colours this makes as the two combine.

While the coffee brews, set a timer for 1 minute, and let it sit for moment.

Take another few deep inhales and exhales. Allow yourself to sit for a moment too.

Slowly stir the coffee, and notice has the texture or colour changed here?

Wait for another 2-3 minutes, allowing 4 minutes total brew time. Breathe deeply.

Plunge the coffee and slowly pour in to your chosen cup, is there a smooth velvet layer to on the surface of the coffee? Notice the colours as your pour.

Close your eyes and breathe in the rich intense favours.

Now sip.

Notice, does a more meditative approach to coffee-making change the flavour or make you feel any different?

We hope that you've been able to slow down and enjoy the brew with us.

Clem runs Yoga Brunch Club events in Bristol, London and Oxford and even online retreats. Check our her events at

Some photos below of our amazing Yoga Brunch Club Co-lab in the roastery last year with Clem.
Photos courtesy of the super talented Kasia Kiliszek

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