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Ever thought about doing something?

Sometimes, between thinking and doing, that something gets lost.

Other times, we are so focused, so engrossed in the flow of our lives, we forget to take a moment to appreciate all that we do and have done.

One of our favourite publishers, Do Books, is a collection of books for do-ers.

We’re sharing here some of the books which have helped us discover new pastimes, new ideas, and helped us rediscover forgotten passions and the inner voices we neglect.

We truly believe that there’s something for everyone in the Do Books series.

Enjoy x

DO STORY – Bobette Buster

Do Story really grabbed me at the right place and time. Having only started working with Extract at the beginning of March, I was just starting to find my voice in a new role. This book reminds you what instinctively you already know; that passion and honesty are what make a message real and important. It’s good to remind ourselves this. I joined Extract after working in (upon first glance) a very different industry. But really I had always been telling stories, most of us are, and if you love the story then read this and you’ll hit the ground running.

– Molly

DO SOURDOUGH – Andrew Whitley

Do Sourdough is small but mighty. Andrew removes all the mysticism and guess work. He tells you what to do and when to do it. My loaves are still a bit flat but getting there – and they’re beautiful to me.

– Chris

DO PROTECT – Johnathan Rees

Do Protect been really helpful to me as one of my friend is planning to run his own business so we discuss things we learned in the book. Plus it helped me understand little bit more what some of our customers opening a new business are going through and just how much do they have on their plates doing so.

– Martin

DO PURPOSE – David Hieatt

Ever thought about doing something? Do Purpose is sound, easy advice, and the kind of stuff you think you probably already know, but you just need to hear someone else say it to make it sink in and happen. Just do it.

– Harrison

(FYI, after reading Do Purpose, Harrison finally bit the bullet and set up his blog #harrisonthehand which is beautiful, inspirational, full of the best puns we’ve ever read and 100% worth checking out)

DO PRESERVE – Anja Dunk, Jen Goss, Mimi Beaven

You can enjoy this little gem whether you’ve got an allotment, doorstep garden or fancy foraging on your lockdown walks!

Favourite recipe this season so far: Rhubarb Cordial
Up next: Poor Man’s Capers (once our nasturtiums have grown!)

– Lisa

DO SING – James Sills

I’ve been lucky enough to sing around campfires with & join singing workshops led by James at The Do Lectures, and have enjoyed singing in The Sofa Singers virtual choir during lockdown. Do Sing really uncovers the link between singing and community – and the nudge we all need to rediscover our voices.

– Gemma

DO LEAD – Les McKeown

Chapter 2, four leadership styles. The ‘penny dropped’ when I read this and with it my continued commitment to, and understanding of, my fantastic fellow co-owners.

– Lee

DO FLY – Gavin Strange

Reading Do Fly is like listening to an inner voice which you’ve silenced too long. I dip into this whenever I need to remind myself of the pastimes I love which make me happy (and parrot quotes to my self-employed partner if ever he’s having a dip in motivation… sorry ❤️!)

– Gemma

DO IMPROVISE – Robert Poynton

I’ve had DO Improvise on my shelf for a few years now. To be honest I was always a little afraid to pick it up and read it. I’m not a natural improviser. I love planning and strategy.

With lockdown, I’ve had to adjust this personal process. I picked up Do Improvise back at the start of March and it’s been a faithful friend ever since helping me become more flexible in my mindset and dealing with changes.

– Mona

DO OPEN – David Hieatt

Along with Do Story by Bobette Buster & Do Purpose (also by David Hieatt), these three books are a must for marketers to really get under the skin of a purpose driven business – and how to tell it’s story. Do Open is like an anchor point for what email marketing can and should be.

– Gemma

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