Your Basket Close

Our co-founder Marc has done the numbers and says we’re up to 35,000 cups of coffee donated to NHS key-workers during lockdown in 2020.

That’s across 13 wards, treating Covid and Non-Covid patients.


In the context of a global pandemic, arranging regular coffee deliveries for frontline workers seemed like the very least we could do. At times, it didn’t seem like enough.

All the same, seeing a number like 35,000 cups feels pretty amazing.

Reading a tweet from a nurse saying thank you for the delicious coffee she was able to enjoy on shift feels pretty amazing too.

It’s just a cup of coffee. But we’re really glad it helps.

High Five

A big high five to our roastery team who roasted and posted throughout lockdown. Keeping keyworkers in our local NHS hospitals and our customers at home, caffeinated. Looking forward to sharing some hugs, tears and beers with you all when this is over.

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