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Extract Loves The Coffee House Project coffee festival

Extract Loves The Coffee House Project coffee festival

The brainchild of two coffee-loving, Bristolian event-managers, The Coffee House Project is a two-day-long celebration of local independent coffee brands, artisan roasters, independent drink retailers and home-grown baristas. Championing local coffee talent is a cause close to our hearts here at Extract Coffee Roasters, which is why we love to brew an espresso [link to espresso page] or two (hundred) at The Coffee House Project.

It’s not just Extract Coffee Roasters who loves to get involved. A ticket gets you into the historical Passenger Shed venue, hosting up to 50 local coffee exhibitors. There is free coffee to try from independent coffee brands, fascinating complimentary workshops and talks from local coffee roasters, plus gourmet street food and a roster of DJ’s to set the pace. No other event captures Bristol’s vibrant coffee scene in quite the same way.

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What to expect from The Coffee House Project coffee festival

What the cup? Join us at the cupping table

In previous years, our Head of Coffee has run the cupping table all weekend. We pull together an incredible line up of more than 50 coffees which are available to try for free over a series of different tastings.

Coffee tasting course at University of Extract

Join our roastery team for a sensory workshop and learn how perfect your palate. You might learn how to pick out individual flavour notes for the coffees you’ll try at Coffee House Project and earn the skills you need to train your tastebuds using store-cupboard ingredients.

Latte Art Masterclass

After spending the day feeling awed by Latte Art, why not give it a whirl. The talented baristas and some of Bristol’s finest latte-artistes step up to offer to coach to anyone looking to perfect their pour.

The Evolution of Coffee Cocktails

Extract jumps on a panel with Bristol spirit producers and local cocktail bars to talk coffee and cocktails. We’ve also donated coffee to be used in espresso martini [link to espresso martini recipe on blog] making workshops for the public.

COVID-19 - The Coffee House Project goes online

In 2020, The Coffee House Project supported its coffee-loving community by hosting the event entirely online, with webinars and brew-a-long coffee sessions thanks to coffee samples delivered to the comfort of your living room. For more information about future online sessions, check The Coffee House Project website. [link to The Coffee House Project here]